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for Titanic

8/17/2014 c5 idontwriteanymoresorry
Plz write some more!
5/3/2014 c2 98Dan Sickles
This is an interesting idea - Kyle on the TITANIC. But it would be more historically accurate if the whole Broflovski family was just now moving from Poland or Russia to settle in the U.S.A. Maybe they have relatives waiting for them in New York City, especially in the Lower East Side which was all Jewish at that time. The TITANIC went down in 1912 and at that time there was a huge Jewish immigrant population in NYC.
5/2/2014 c2 6symphknot
Is good, i love the idea
5/1/2014 c1 2kenny and kyle
Can't wait to read more hope you update soon
5/1/2014 c1 Guest
This story sounds like its gonna be interesting
Please update soon

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