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for Flames of the Heart

7/9 c1 1Monsterfox96
really needs a continuation
3/15/2021 c12 monochromatic madness
Maybe you could do a psychological trap like a creature that becomes what they want the most, like for marciline it would be her mother.
9/21/2020 c12 poper1011
Excelent but continue
6/3/2020 c12 Jojotheshadow
Hope you come back and update this story.
3/22/2020 c2 JumpatRandom
I believe you're still active on the site, so I'll say this: I think you can just rush cheating at the drop of a hat, you could have just simply put how they met and developed on it later.

I hate constructive criticism because it's just saying: "Don't do this, do that!"

I'm sorry if I'm blunt, but I think this is something you need to hear. This character development was sloppy.
11/11/2019 c4 thethethex34
Just want to state, in regards to my earlier review, that I don't hate people who are bisexual.
11/11/2019 c3 thethethex34
To be honest, I am actually rooting for finn to not go back the Flame Princess, and to go meet other people. Maybe he can try it out with Huntress Wizard? Probably not likely in this fanfic, just putting my thoughts out there. Finn and Huntress Wizard is my favorite pairing and it's a bit frustrating when a sizable portion of the fan fictions with this pairing involved either involve a big harem or warp her character til she is nearly unrecognizable, although there are some good ones out there. Im not against harem fanfics, but I get put off when one of the members of a harem is bisexual. It usually leads the fanfic down a weird path when that happens.
4/30/2019 c1 4brandonleewolfe1
Hello are you going to write the next chapter plz
4/26/2019 c5 brandonleewolfe1
Do you need help or your ok
3/18/2019 c1 Timeman
Keep it going!
2/18/2019 c1 Timeman
Dude keep it going
1/27/2019 c12 Yo
It me that finn hurt Phoebe but it like the opposite phoebe hurt finn hey can you do ice finn meet ice finn you a man need a maid x3 time
9/21/2018 c12 Guest
Please do more
9/20/2018 c12 19draco122
That was great.
9/20/2018 c6 et-reader97
Great chapter I think you did a good job on the wedding scen but I do think that you could have went into more detail about the decorations or maybe have Finn put in some "special touches". It would show the time and effort he was willing to put into planning not only Simons wedding but his and flame princess's formerly potential wedding. Keep up the good work.
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