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for Flames of the Heart

9/27/2014 c6 3SonicFanFlame
Good story keep it up. So far the plot gas been interesting to say the least. Hopefully you get more reviews you deserve it
9/27/2014 c6 Roberto
amazing chapter! Loved it! Update soon!
9/26/2014 c6 1WolfofTheWest777
I liked it
9/24/2014 c5 eggers
8/14/2014 c5 WolfofTheWest777
8/12/2014 c5 19draco122
that was awesome i loved it. May have been a filler but it was perfect.
8/7/2014 c5 Broken In7
See, what Cinnamon said is what exactly should have happened in Frost and Fire.
8/3/2014 c5 idkdeaduser
Excellent as always
8/1/2014 c5 Roberto
Amazing chapter! Loved it! I was thinking how about you do
Pbxflamexfinnxmarceline ( that means all four of them together) I also vote for getting rid of LSP. Update soon!
8/1/2014 c5 The Book of Eli
Please update soon this is really good no its AWESOME!
8/1/2014 c5 4ShadeInferno
Man, it has been foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeveeeeeeer since you posted last. Nice chapter by the way, and it would be cool of all 3 of the ladies read Finn's songs (with or without CB's permission) to se their reactions...

6/14/2014 c3 Broken In7
Wow, sorry just starting to review stories again, I will get to reading the next chapter later. Keep on trucking.
6/11/2014 c1 FusionDeath
I understand why you end your chapters this way: to make the readers follow the story and to make them wait for the next chapter BUT you're not getting the effect you want if you ask me. As someone said in a review under mine "Nothing screams at me, telling me to keep reading." .
I like the idea of freezing L.S.P. while the wedding takes place. And i must say i hate I really hate the idea of FPxPBxFinn so please do't do that. As well you should know that longer chapters would bring more reviews.
6/9/2014 c4 43Razamataz22
I said I would review and so I have. I can understand the way you end your chapters as a sort of semi cliffhanger to try and entice readers to follow on to the next chapter but I get the feeling they don't quite work the way that you want them to. As opposed to feeling like I want to know what's going to happen next I feel as if you've simply left it either because the next part is going to be awesome or you've just decided that you're done for the moment and it's good enough til next time. Nothing screams at me, telling me to keep reading. That being said these are merely the ramblings of an intoxicated reader so take my words as you will.

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