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8/15/2020 c8 SPECTOR -107
5 years and I'm still hoping this story gets revived
4/20/2020 c8 2Mark the Mark
haha good ol coast guard boot camp. you wre around 190s correct? :P
10/27/2019 c8 Guest
Guessing u forgot that update?
12/8/2018 c1 MysticSpider
47 wouldn't be able to understand alien languages, just about every human in ME use translators for their ears.
1/24/2016 c1 3GrimmPandaMan
Tali as a Romance Option and 47 is a badass
I found this fic because I was in the mood for an ME fanfic with Tali as the main girl and I do love how Agent 47 fights. Although, my basis for the latter reason is just the movie that came out for Hitman. Please do update this more, I only read the first chapter so far and well, I'm already hooked! Also, this is the first review I have ever made on so kudos to being the first fic I ever reviewed on this site! _
12/20/2015 c8 1640509 040147
Interesting so far. But sadly no updates. Military can be pretty rough, though.I hope you finish this, though. :)
3/19/2015 c6 Peteriz
This is an interesting story. Keep those chapters coming!
3/2/2015 c1 Review
I suggest light revision.
11/24/2014 c8 2Minor Itch
good luck in the CG !
11/16/2014 c7 2MaxFR68
That's a nice story.
Has agent 47 been transported into the ME universe or is it just a matter of time travel ?
Where is the ICA ?
11/14/2014 c8 TheSolInvictus
At least you havent abanddoned it! take your time
7/13/2014 c7 Eu
Please continue this.
5/28/2014 c4 TheSolInvictus
Good work so far this story really has potential!
and takes my mind of my brutal and utter defeat in X-Com... where the f*ck did this Mutonberserker came from?!

well with this out of my system i just have two things to say!
keep writing this great hitman crossover and Fav

P.S.:Sorry for my rant
5/21/2014 c3 2Minor Itch
Your doing a great job with this story, I especially enjoy your writing style.
Hope to see more soon
5/12/2014 c2 Minor Itch
Good chapter, however length seems to be too short. Try making chapters topical, not just length wise.

Also, your thinking of joining the Knee deep navy? I was trying to join the Navy, but due to military spending cuts, I didn't get approved for MEPS, and am now trying with the army. Good Luck to you!
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