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7/1/2014 c1 Guest
Very interesting observation... early in the story it was explained that Metatron is keeper of the Word of God while Azrael was the keeper of the book of life and the keeper of souls / with dominion over purgatory etc.. because she is the keeper of souls, I took away her ability to take a life. That is her challenge. Azrael cannot kill anyone... or anything ... but she is the keeper of life so she has the ability to resurrect the fallen which is what she did in New Orleans. She kept Raphael in a tomb and retrieved him. That was the wayward brother that Marie referenced in their conversation in the graveyard.

Azrael acts as the balancing force... she is Metatron's counterbalance as the other Archangels serve to counterbalance each other... Lucifer/ Michael & Raphael/Gabriel

Crowley is her vice and that is another of her flaws... He served as her vice from long before he was the king of Hell and now Lucifer is back too so there is room to play with the relationships... She wasn't wielding Dean as a weapon... Crowley was... Azrael was acting as the counterbalance to the first blade. There is more to come with the Cain and Able side of this story.. so I will leave it at that.

Thank you so much for the review... The input makes for better stories...
7/1/2014 c26 Xelena
I like the story but I have to admit I find parts of it flawed. The idea that Azrael, who traditionally is known as the Angel of Death, wouldn't be able to strike Metatron down is hard to swallow. But I can accept that more than I can let some of the things like Raphael suddenly being alive again go. And why would she care that Crowley is trying to convert Dean? Wasn't Dean a weapon after all? Dean is like Cain and Cain became a Knight of Hell.
6/28/2014 c26 127ncsupnatfan
Good chapter, really liked the four defeating Metatron. Love Gabriel being back. So will Lucifer stay out of the cage? Can Azrael save Dean or will this be his life now?

6/25/2014 c24 ncsupnatfan
And the plot thickens. How does Gavin fit in here? What problems is he causing?

6/15/2014 c23 ncsupnatfan
OK so I am very curious to see where SH & JW fit into this. Another little twist thrown in here?

6/8/2014 c22 ncsupnatfan
So right, to be loved. Unconditional love, hit the nail on the head. Good chapter, I agree with Sam can he trust her.

6/5/2014 c21 ncsupnatfan
Interesting chapter, so she needs something from Crowley too. And Gabe wants her to have faith. But what is Dean's role in this? Why is he so drawn to her? Is her plan going to work?

5/26/2014 c20 ncsupnatfan
Is Dean going to lead the army against Metatron? Interesting bringing all the past warriors to help with the battle plans. Will she be able to make a plan that will work?

5/23/2014 c19 1Furionknight
I look forward to more :)
5/23/2014 c19 127ncsupnatfan
So the battle will begin. Does she have an ace up her sleeve? Cant wait to read how this will turn out.

5/21/2014 c18 ncsupnatfan
Interesting so who is Ivan and how can he provide an army? Good twist here.

5/19/2014 c17 ncsupnatfan
This is really getting interesting. going to Vegas? So is she going to use Dean to kill Metatron? Can she save him afterwards? What will be the fall out?

5/18/2014 c15 ncsupnatfan
Hopefully Dean wont resist too much, securing him is the only way to help him. Can she help him?

5/17/2014 c14 ncsupnatfan
Interesting, he couldn't kill her. She has him in her control, what is she going to use him for? Kill Metatron? Try to get the balance in order. Or will Gavin be involved? Cant wait to see.

5/16/2014 c13 ncsupnatfan
Oh no, not good. Dean has killed Gadreel and angered Azrael. What will she do to him. Live Gabe is back. Love him.

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