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for Actions Don't Always Speak Louder Than Words

5/10/2014 c1 2WolandR
I'm not a McRoll fan, but this was very well written, and I enjoyed reading it. Great job!
5/5/2014 c1 Kiwikaren
So touching. Thank you.
5/5/2014 c1 5NYR88
Wow very powerful. Also I really liked the positive spin you put on it they will be okay because they love each other very much. Great job.
5/4/2014 c1 14Rainey
This was so beautifully written and heart-wrenching, I was in tears by the end. You did a wonderful job on this story.
5/4/2014 c1 30randomwriting
That was lovely. They will both be ok, they just have to hang onto that hope. A fitting end to a heartbreaking episode. We'll done.
5/4/2014 c1 Guest
Excellent! I think you captured both characters wonderfully.
5/4/2014 c1 Guest
Lovely tag to the ep, thanks.
5/4/2014 c1 Five-0 Fan
That was beautiful. I think you covered both of their thoughts perfectly. There is nothing else to say.

I kind of agree with what you said in your opening note...I do feel the writers handled the McRoll relationship better when it was long distance. And I know it was/will never be the focus of the show. I will miss the few scenes we did get of them...but that is what fanfic is for!

Hope you get more inspiration soon...and often!
5/3/2014 c1 Guest
So sweet and beautiful! Thank you!
5/3/2014 c1 Great post scrip
Great post script to the episode. I sincerely hope they don't kill Catherine off. She has been a wonderful asset to the show and a rock solid character from the very first season. And I love Steve and Catherine together because it's not the typical smarmy TV romance. Both independent, capable people who happen to care very much for each other. You captured that nicely here.
5/3/2014 c1 8Lawsy89
Loved this. Very beautiful!
5/3/2014 c1 40Cokie316
Well. Well... I think im speechless. That was wonderful. I really can'think of anything to say.

Great, great job.
5/3/2014 c1 Lhaven
I loved your story - last night's episode was so emotional and sad, and you captured Steve and Catherine's feelings perfectly. Thank you!
5/3/2014 c1 14katydid13
Loved this! I would have loved Catherine on the show more, but the writers couldn't seem to write it so I think this was better. I just hope she is mentioned occasionally.
5/3/2014 c1 allison
This was beautiful, you have wrote steve and caths emotions so well it brought a lump to my throat. I will be interested to see how the show incorporates the long distance relationship or if cath will never be mentioned again, i would like to hope that she may come back but i have a feeling this will not happen. Thankyou for this story
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