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6/12 c69 mark.press.9
hi two things about the story i didnt like or agree with, no1 and this is just my own opinion so take it or leave it :) the chapters should either be longer(ie more detail on the training of Asulmagus) or combine a few of the chapters just so there a little longer. no 2 the spelling and some word placements were all over the place or just wrong now dont get me wrong im an atrocious speller so thats not realy a complaint just a pointing out that theres some work to do there, other than those 2 things i thought this was a great story well told and it seemed you knew where you were going right from the begining, some authers dont so i think youre 1 up on them, so all in all great story worth the read so thank you for taking the time to share your imagination with us all.
6/11 c69 Cindy Reilly
So far all the stories I have read have been incredible, I especially have enjoyed this story, thank you.
I look forward to reading more of your stories. Thank you again for the entertaining story.
5/1 c69 Zile0
This is the first crossover I’ve read that unites the worlds of HP and Godzilla and I really enjoyed it. Thank you.
3/15 c69 silver9620
This was absolutely amazing!
2/27 c69 DaChara
I just reread this for the fifth time and I still love it especially when Harry threw King Ghidorah through a fucking portal to the other side of the universe that had me laughing
1/20 c17 Foreman88
A bit too close to canon, something I find many authors have trouble with. Many are not comfortable going away from canon since it makes writing harder without the training wheels that is canon. Not much point in reading if you already have a good idea of what happens.
1/14 c69 10thunderofdeath97
ngl expected daphne to become harry's life mate, lol

could definitely use a sequel, with ghidora coming back, and being more powerful
1/13 c49 thunderofdeath97
actually if ghidora shows up, harry is fucked.

godzilla isn't one of the most powerful, he IS the most powerful
1/13 c22 thunderofdeath97
snape is just a petty, immature, hypocritical bitch
1/13 c18 thunderofdeath97
no offense, but albus controlling gezora, no matter how minor of control it is, is rather ridiculous.
1/13 c15 thunderofdeath97
snape's true self? he's an abusive, bullying, child abusive, hypocritcial, prejudicial, biased, harassing bastard, who quite frankly got off easy in cannon.
1/13 c11 thunderofdeath97
so is he not sirius' heir here?
1/13 c8 thunderofdeath97
i'm guessing albus had something to do with gezora going on rampage? but there is no way in hell albus could control/curse gezora, gezora would be to powerful
1/13 c1 thunderofdeath97
really? a wizard, can go nuke or supernova? seems legit.
11/23/2021 c69 BlackKnight7605
Hey since you’re such a big fan of dragons do you think you can maybe next do a story on the Wings of fire series!
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