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44m c55 3WhiteElfElder
You just know that something is going to go wrong in the lake and Asulmagus will make another appearance.
4h c55 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
will be interesting to see the second task and the fallout from the trial of barty
4h c55 61Pyeknu
And Rita just exposed herself, didn't she?
4h c55 4Monster King
Awesome job
6/8 c54 Thristan
AWWW, I just finished all 54 chapters in one setting and no more to read. So sad.

Waiting for more when you get them out
6/5 c54 19Scott the Wanderer
Nice. It would be interesting to see Krum receive some fall out for his actions.

I expect that aside from Harry that the Dragons appreciate Fleur's tactics as well because did her best not to endanger the Dragon or her Eggs.
6/5 c40 Monitor2o3
Harry is far to trusting with that secret. Well, admittedly, someone being capable of hurting him is unlikely, but still… Being found out could be annoying.
6/5 c3 Monitor2o3
Ok, something about your first chapter: You massively underestimate the power of a supernova. That black holes don’t work that way, we will ignore, and say it’s a magical imitation that an entity passingly familiar with those might be fooled by.

Neutron Star matter (also called Neutronium) is incredibly heavy. I am not sure if you understand what it might mean. It should have ripped Harry apart. So magical equivalent neutron star matter reacts different.

But all in all, interesting start. I would exchange all sentences alluding to real life physics for something you can bullshit easier, but your choice…

Otherwise, decent story, and I will now continue reading :-)
6/5 c54 10The New York Bear
Good work. We don't often get to hear what the dragons think of the task and their reactions seem perfectly natural. When all the people who turned against Harry over the tournament finally come around there are certain people I hope that he isn't very forgiving towards. Ron in particular. So often he's just let off with a "that's okay mate" and faces no consequences but this time I really hope that's not the case.
6/5 c54 61Pyeknu
Nice and easy. Poor Dumbledore wanted a show...and got nothing.
6/5 c54 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
6/5 c54 Daniel6
10 Galleons says Rita will write an article about the first task. And possibly tanking Vic's career.
6/5 c54 3WhiteElfElder
I wonder what will end up pushing Harry's inner fire beyond the point it can be held back by will alone?
6/5 c54 4Monster King
6/5 c54 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
nice going with the threat of animal rights groups against krum :D
nice hint about the spiders in the forrest
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