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5/23/2014 c1 29Lady Allana Solo
I've sung the hymn before. Excellent job!
5/7/2014 c1 RionaEire
I loved it! Inspite of the nasty cow smells and blood mixed in and the cutting and uturus stuff. Birth is really amazing and I agree with Kaylee, new life is one of the most miraculous things in the world, it happens all the time and yet its amazing. I love that River has enjoyed seeing the cow's dreams and how she gets to help with the delivery, she does a great job! Its so important for us to have River help when she's able to, it helps her sense of worth and helps her be part of things, even though she's touched. Sure she can't always help with everything, but there are things she can do and that is great! My only complaint, which is a complaint I have about most of humanity, is your misuse of the word obsession. Everyone uses that word wrong, the word actually comes from the Greek root word meaning punishment. The correct meaning for the word obsession is thusly when someone has a thought/idea/worry that scares them and makes them uncomfortable but they can't get rid of it, River's scary and persistant thoughts and memories of the Blue Hands are obsessional for instance, she doesn't want to think about them, but they crowd her mind. So its not fair to River to use the same word for something scary and awful that she feels and something nice and positive that she feels, namely her attachment to the cows. My words probably fall on deaf ears, no one likes to hear the truth about this word and how its cruel to use the same word for someone's agony and someone's enjoyment, you're probably like all of them. What you do with the info is entirely up to you. I'll not mention it to you again even if I see the word misused again in your stories, I only tell people once and then its up to them what to do, freedom of speech etc. Anyways I really like this story a lot! In Heart of Gold Simon says that Petaline's delivery is the first he's been presiding physician on, I suppose he could still say that even though he helped the cow have her baby, because she's not a person so its not as complex.
5/5/2014 c1 timbergirl
Nice, job I thought everyone was in character and it flowed well. keep up the good work
5/5/2014 c1 3schur655
You wrote a nice story.
5/4/2014 c1 Guest
Nicely done. :)

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