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4/11/2018 c1 Anonymous
I know this story is ancient but I just randomly found it searching Prismo's tag and man it was nice. I adore Joshua as a character and anytime there's any content for him it's awesome and matching him up with Prismo here was really nifty. I liked how he was sticking to his tough love shtick even in death, what a guy.

Really nice short little story, I hope Prismo remembered Joshua and everyone else after he got revived again in the show.
8/21/2014 c1 marliynkellyhepburn
Wow i'm crying! Please put up more chapters! this is so good!
6/4/2014 c1 52LeelaSmall
How come this has barely any reviews? I think it's great! I really liked Prismo too, and I was really bummed out that he died. And I wonder how he would react to what happened to Finn's arm. I know I died a little bit inside, right after feeling extremely outraged. ;_;
5/25/2014 c1 Haley
This was an interesting take on Prizmos death. It was really sad when he died. I hope he comes back. Great story. God Bless.
5/5/2014 c1 Guest
This was fantastic. I never really find too many second-person stories, which makes this all the more unique! I think once or twice you stepped out of this POV, but don't sweat it. It didn't get it the way of the story. Just make sure to double-check when writing in certain POVs like this!

I could totally picture Joshua and Prismo talking in this scene. Great job staying in character. And the feels I got with this little sentence...oh, my glob: "Not like anything could have happened to it so soon after you died, right?" I cried a bit inside...and outside.

Anyway, overall, I loved it. Keep up the awesome writing! :)

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