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6/18 c52 Kizu
Mucha gracias por haber actualizado ojala en algún momento de este año vuelvas a continuar. Es bueno saber que no has dejado de lado tus historias te lo agradezco mucho
1/23 c52 49Gamma Cavy
You know, until I discovered your AO3 account where you mentioned this chapter existing, I didn't know this story even existed. I was missing out on something good.
12/22/2022 c52 Ephyna
This story is so great. I’ve been binge-reading it the last few days and it’s been a real joy. All the little sub-plots and slice-of-life moments are so much fun. I really love how you’re writing all the characters, and especially Kaito. The balance of his ridiculous chaos and inappropriateness with his genuine (and usually masked) care for his friends feels so perfect to me. I’m looking forward to reading more as you have time to work on this one. Thank you for sharing your wonderful writing!
11/18/2022 c52 Guest
Very nice story

I've always liked some of the simpler AUs and seeing how it changes from there
Like this where Shinichi is in Ekoda instead of something really drastic like Superheroes AU, or Robin Hood AU

I really liked this
Have a nice day~!
10/3/2022 c52 1Eevee1118
Just caught up to this chapter (late, I know XD)! Your Kaito is so fun, your Shinichi is so cute, and your writing is lovely. Thanks author. Hope you're doing well 3
10/3/2022 c52 Lore
Hola me encanta tu historia y es lamentable que no hayas podido continuar, ojala algún día vuelvas y continúes con la historia.
10/1/2022 c52 Lore
Por favor continua no lo dejes así
9/19/2022 c21 Qapleulia
rlly glad that ran isnt holding some forever grudge :] this is a lot more realistic and nice
9/18/2022 c2 Qapleulia
this bitch needs therapy amen
6/12/2022 c52 RedKite
I‘m so happy this story is being continued! And just when I was rereading the while thing again
5/31/2022 c52 2Sakura521
aww <3 they are so cute! I loved the chapter! thank you for updating<3 <3 I really love this story <3
5/27/2022 c52 5Shana-Fujioka
A new chapter, awesome! Looking forward to the next one. :D
5/26/2022 c52 53Alshoruzen
Ah, so close! Heh. And it’s interesting that the police are starting to meet up and get into what’s happening. Anyhow, I’m glad you updated this.
5/24/2022 c52 kabnondra
Ahhhh this is so cute and exciting! I'm glad you updated the series. This story, more than ever, has really remained in my consciousness and I love all of the imagery you manage to capture.
5/24/2022 c52 MicahMcKogane
Ahhh this chapter was amazing like all the previous once! X3
I had a terribly bad day yesterday so when I woke up and suddenly saw the email notification for a new chapter, my day started with pure joy :D I couldn't read it until just now, but that just means that after a long and exhausting day, I got to enjoy this masterpiece of a new chapter ehehe X3

I gotta admit, due to me rereading a ton of your other fanfictions a ton of other people's stories since I last reread this, I struggled a bit. But just the 51st chapter was enough to slowly but steadily remember all the key info : And this new chapter was pure joy hehehe X3
I gotta say... I'm very curious about Nakamori :0 (I can't remember if he was involved in anything from the Ekoda gang's side or not- So I'm even more curious)

Great job on the chapter, thank you so much for still working on this after all this time~~ Keep on being awesome :
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