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6/12 c52 RedKite
I‘m so happy this story is being continued! And just when I was rereading the while thing again
5/31 c52 2Sakura521
aww <3 they are so cute! I loved the chapter! thank you for updating<3 <3 I really love this story <3
5/27 c52 5Shana-Fujioka
A new chapter, awesome! Looking forward to the next one. :D
5/26 c52 47Alshoruzen
Ah, so close! Heh. And it’s interesting that the police are starting to meet up and get into what’s happening. Anyhow, I’m glad you updated this.
5/24 c52 kabnondra
Ahhhh this is so cute and exciting! I'm glad you updated the series. This story, more than ever, has really remained in my consciousness and I love all of the imagery you manage to capture.
5/24 c52 MicahMcKogane
Ahhh this chapter was amazing like all the previous once! X3
I had a terribly bad day yesterday so when I woke up and suddenly saw the email notification for a new chapter, my day started with pure joy :D I couldn't read it until just now, but that just means that after a long and exhausting day, I got to enjoy this masterpiece of a new chapter ehehe X3

I gotta admit, due to me rereading a ton of your other fanfictions a ton of other people's stories since I last reread this, I struggled a bit. But just the 51st chapter was enough to slowly but steadily remember all the key info : And this new chapter was pure joy hehehe X3
I gotta say... I'm very curious about Nakamori :0 (I can't remember if he was involved in anything from the Ekoda gang's side or not- So I'm even more curious)

Great job on the chapter, thank you so much for still working on this after all this time~~ Keep on being awesome :
5/24 c52 ayalove0
YEY thank you for updating,, always love it so much thank you for your hard work, hope you always stay healthy
5/23 c52 FandomDarling
U updated! I’m in tears right now. Thank you so much for your hard work. Loved the chapter.
5/23 c52 1buterflypuss
good chap
4/18 c51 melody1.xlover
YEEEESSSSS OWO. This is getting more and more exciting by each chapter. I really can't wait until they get together. Especially now that Kaito has Heiji's blessing, be it reluctantly, but still got it. Their personalities just match up so wellllll~.
1/29 c51 FandomDarling
I need more (insert crying emoji here) This is such a well written beautiful story. Just like all your other ones and I’m practically in love with this and everything you write.
1/4 c1 RedKite
Fingers crossed that you will someday continue writing. One of the best overall fics I have read!
1/3 c40 YukineKaze
... it's so deepppp
i'm crying
it's so beautiful
don't worry Kaito, i'm pretty frkng sure you're already became his knight in every way possible in Shin's life *thumbs up*
1/3 c35 YukineKaze
awwwwww geezzz ur lucky bastard Kaito! XD
hsjsj i really love whipped Kaito over Shin omg lmao
and then there's Shin who adorable awkward romance
they're really fit each other- which really bad for my heart(/kaishin hard fans aye!)
1/3 c33 YukineKaze
Sob sob, i really want to hug him so bad /tears of happiness

awwww Kaito is so set about courting Shin lmao
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