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2/13/2019 c30 Guest
I hope they save Chishima-kun. It'd be nice for Akako to have a friend she can get along with so well, what with sharing an instinct for the craft and also his rather pleasant personality.
2/13/2019 c22 Guest
Well. If anyone needs some good luck, Shinichi does. Good call on "gifting" him that one, neh?
2/13/2019 c9 Guest
As alarming as being mistaken for KID by anyone but Hakuba may be for Kaito, it's really adorable. If Shinichi would be remarkably comfortable or feeling safer being held by anyone, it would probably be KID or Hattori. Mostly because everyone else who has any good reason to feel "safe" would be too small to have the same effect, but also because they very good at being protective. KID especially has been very successful at keeping Conan and his precious people safe in crises thus far, plus most other people with his strict "no one gets hurt (except snipers)" policy. A nightmare-stricken Shinichi calming down faster because he mistook Kaito for KID in the dark and his panic is quite adorable, even if poor Kaito is completely befuddled. XD
2/13/2019 c7 Guest
Ouch. A coffee spill? Ick. One of the reasons I prefer the older styles of keyboards - they can be carefully taken apart down to removing the keys to clean up thoroughly and reassembled with no harm done, presuming the liquid didn't leak into actual wiring and cause a short. Flat newer keyboards don't like giving up their keys without plastic breaking. XP

It's fun getting to watch characters' bewilderment. 3
1/9/2019 c9 24Lindt Luirae
Aw kaito knows exactly what shinichi needs, a distraction. I love attentive Kaito.
1/9/2019 c7 Lindt Luirae
I’ve been waiting a few chapters before I could review, to see where this story is going and if I’m interested in reading all of it. I’m very, very interested. I love how you focus on very human emotions shinichi displays, like frustration/hopelessness/pain. Great job, thanks for sharing.
1/7/2019 c46 1A Random Bored Author
I love this story. Keep up the good work! The romance is gradual but sweet and realistic. The characters personnlities are accurate, too. Well done!
1/7/2019 c46 A Random Bored Author
Brautifully written. I hope you continue. I like how the romance is very gradual which makes it sweet but also realistic. Keep it up!
12/23/2018 c46 2GreenDrkness
O wow it's been years since I read this and so much has happened like finally Kaito and Shinichi share secrets and don't have to go behind each other's back
Oooooo I love slow burn done right and while at the same time I love slow burn it makes me feel like a car stuck in traffic that has been moving half a mile an hour
12/11/2018 c1 Lost Shogun
It has, in fact, been confirmed that kaito kid and conan are cousins. So... I guess all kaito/shin stories are incest now?
12/3/2018 c46 Osomi Eithr
I loved this story and I look forward to the next chapter! The interactions between Shinichi and Kaito are funny, cute, or both. Several scenes had hilarious interactions, like when they fell out of the bushes in chapter 45. I wonder what Kaito did this time...
12/2/2018 c46 Guest
I hope you update this soon (QvQ)
I really reaaaaally love this story (_ _)
11/27/2018 c46 Miketta7
This is a really awesome fanfic and I hope you can update soon
11/12/2018 c46 Miketta7
THIS IS SO GOOD! Please update as soon as you can
11/6/2018 c46 4meladi1
Aaah that ending was so sweet (ignoring the talk about his condition. I love your stories. This one is also a favourite and follow. How often do you approximately update? It's been a while
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