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1/3 c31 YukineKaze
Kaito is cunning as fox, doesn't he? XD
now that i mention it, i can't help but thinking Shin and Kai really suited as the bunny police and the fox in zootopia lololol
1/3 c31 YukineKaze
Whoaaa how bold lmaooo
really really persistent pfffttt
but i guess that's what makes me ship him so hard with Shin, coz Shin is such a cutie, precious cinnamon roll, and Kaito as cunning, schemer sinnamon roll /smh

...that's... just creepy lmao Kaito /smh
i love ur methods tho, please keep courting him and being possessive plus protective over Shin :3
1/2 c22 YukineKaze
(the response about the best part really cracking me, coz that's just so pitiful for Kaito XDDDD)
Shieettt i'm really Shinichi biased, and love torturing Kaito about his progress courting XD

ooooh my precious bby ur so cuteeee ughhh
1/2 c14 YukineKaze
ooooohhh Kaito so bold lmao
already going to introduces Shin to ur family, eh~?

awwww my bby Shin is so oblivious~! i would say he's innocent pure about romantic feeling, eh
1/2 c8 YukineKaze
hey, it's just a fleeting thought and kinda stuck in my head. do you publish any book you write? i mean even if its not kaishin? because seriously, i will do my best to buy it coz i really like all ur works, their ideas and the used words always amazing. i really meant it!
12/17/2021 c51 WellIWannaDie2
I honestly think that this is one of the best written long fics for kaishin I've read in a long time.

10/10, kudos (and kaito) to you Author-San!
Thank you for writing!
11/20/2021 c9 1Feeling Schadenfreude
So far, this story is actually really good! Entertaining, slow, deliberate pacing, easy to follow and understand, clear in it's telling, and not overly full of grammar and spelling issues everywhere, making it even easier for me to wrap myself up in its flow and story. The characters are fun and interesting, and their interactions only make me want to read even more. Very good so far, imo! Good job!
10/15/2021 c51 Reikuwu
Also hehe kaito should be glad shinichi’s got some good friends back in beika! otherwise, i genuinely think kaito and hattori could be great friends by talking shit about hakuba! Oh! Think of the possibilities!
10/15/2021 c44 Reikuwu
nevermind i was wrong
10/15/2021 c44 Reikuwu
omg i bet they buried birds or something and kaishin is overreacting
10/8/2021 c51 Purple Balloons
Awww love Hattori trying to give the shovel talk to Kaito, keeping an eye out for his heart. (Even if he is a bit pushy he still means well.)

I'm looking forward to the next chapter! _
8/12/2021 c51 msjbird
I just reread this again, and it's still awesome. I look forward to reading what happens next!
8/12/2021 c51 Kizu21
Por favor continuas tienes muchas historias en pausa, continua alguna pliss
6/30/2021 c51 1Donut-Sama
Hi! This story is just AMAZING! I love it everything about it! From the style, the intriguing and engaging plot to the characterisation - everyone's in character and that's very important to me. As much as the cases and mystery are interesting, - and i look forward how everything unfolds - I also love the more light-hearted scenes/ moments/chapters a lot. I swear Kaito and his Shin-chan get more and more adorable and heart warming with each chapter lol. I love how Kaito instinctively reaches out to Shinichi to give him his support, care and protection and how Shinichi in turn opened up to him gradually. I love how realistic their relationship is developing. The pacing has been very carefully calculated and it shows! The slooow burn is very very satisfying.

Kudos for everything, honestly. This is my favourite KaiShin fic and i had a lovely time binge reading through all 51 chapters. I was on the edge of my seat at every plot development and i am embarrassed to say i was squealing and cooing like a young teenager at the more fluffy moments. I had a really great time and i thank you wholeheartedly for writing this marvellous fic! I am really glad and relieved you are not dropping this story seeing as you started it many years ago and the updates had been slow and sporadic lately, but rest assured that i will be here till the very end! The wait is really worth it. I understand life is not easy, especially in these times we're living in, so i hope you take care of yourself and wish you all the best! :)

See you next chapter and thank you again for your hard work! Take care :)
6/15/2021 c51 Lore21
Hola que genial noticia que volverás a seguir con rifas tus historias, valió la pena esperar, ojala sigas con esta historia también, espero que te encuentres bien.
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