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10/21/2014 c12 1Ern Estine 13624
getting really good can't wait for more
10/21/2014 c12 2Psye-Kick
Shinichi your life is so complicated. I feel sorry for him, He hasn't had a break down yet.
10/20/2014 c12 LLL
This is great, but I think you need to add some more Kaito suspicions. Is the new witch in town committing these murders? Just one of my guesses, but your mystery contains a lot more depth and detail than other people. Keep up the amazing work!
10/16/2014 c11 47Alshoruzen
I can just imagine Hakuba’s expression, heh heh. I’m kind of surprised that there really was a brother. I look forward to seeing how it all connects.
10/16/2014 c11 NekoGurl98
Nooo... cliffhanger T_T That was so mean of you
I love your writing style, the way you describe scenes and events bring them vividly to life.
Did Kaito realise that Shinichi is Conan? It seems like he did, or maybe he just has his suspicions.
10/10/2014 c11 7Serendipital
Great as usual - though it looks like they've stumbled into yet another murder case. I'm surprised Kaito's good luck managed to hold them off this long. I really love Hakuba's role - I can't wait to see him butting his nose into Shinichi and Kaito's budding romance. I feel like he'll get quite a shock.

Anyway, good luck on the next chapter! I'm really looking forward to it.
10/9/2014 c11 2vodkaCanidae
This is such a brilliant read. I love the way the story flows so smoothly, how the characters interact, the gradual, natural relationship building and the intriguing plot. Thank you so much for writing this! Love it!
10/8/2014 c11 12Ambiguous Cake
AAAAAAHHHH! The cliffhanger is unbearable right now. I was so into the story and then, :(. Well, i guess I'll just ahve to wait for this next one. really good story so far, keep it up!
10/8/2014 c7 Ambiguous Cake
Okay, i was going to wait to review, but i can't help it. I like how it's taking Kid time to piece conan and shinichi together. it's not an obvious connection, but it is something he's working towards; he'll figure it out eventually. i also really like reading everyone's perspectives on things and not just following the main 2. and haibara and those birds. adorable.
10/8/2014 c11 5otakubabes
Hah, I have a feeling hattori's in town...
10/8/2014 c11 Lucy-Hime-Sama
I hate cliffhangers! Though I really like the story so far so keep it up! Looking forward to the next chapter!
10/7/2014 c11 15Butterfly Knot
I'm just here to join the crowd complaining about the cliffy XD
10/7/2014 c11 7angelwingsonline
You little...! Don't end it THERE! Not when you're gonna make us wait TWO WEEKS to find out what's going on! And was it me or was this chapter shorter than the usual?...grrr. Meanie! :(
10/7/2014 c11 Guest
I'd say it's a corpse, but Hattori isn't around, so that can't be right...
10/7/2014 c11 3Eyeinthesky
I know it's too soon, but I keep wanting them to hold hands (snicker). Oh well, good to have a mystery to keep them busy.
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