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6/26/2015 c5 7Crack-jouchan
/snort I love how he keeps ambushing poor Faitsu.

And the bet... If he wanted to win, it seems he could easily, but it seems he wants it to continue? Maybe that's why he didn't catch her when she fell in chapter 2 or something! Heh heh! I love this!
6/26/2015 c4 Crack-jouchan
AHAHAHA! He... He broke into her house... Okay, not broke into her house, since the door was open, but still... Ahahahahaha! Poor Faitsu. This chapter is the most hilarious of the lot so far! Ahahahaha... My tummy oh god
6/26/2015 c2 Crack-jouchan
Ahahaha! I bet Rakutsu did it on purpose so he could ask her out on a date... Too bad she's more desperate to avoid him than he ever thought!

This is cute.
5/27/2015 c7 75magnipisika16
How the hell does this fanfic make me go all doki-doki inside, whyyyyy oh, and the dreams are beginning to get interesting! Update soon! (Says the girl who hasn't updated her sh*t yet...)
5/3/2015 c7 1Pale1357
more please?
I really like were this story is going.
12/13/2014 c5 19partner555
I'll say it again. Poor, poor Faitsu.
6/5/2014 c3 75magnipisika16
This is adorable 3 Rakutsu's such a smooth man _ Can't wait for whatever will happen for the next chap :D Thanks for updating _
6/4/2014 c3 19partner555
Poor, poor Faitsu, she has no idea how determined Rakutsu is.
5/23/2014 c2 partner555
That Rakutsu. He's trying so hard, perhaps too hard, and that's why he's failing? Oh well.
5/9/2014 c2 75magnipisika16
This is now the official cause of my death. ADORABLE 3 More please? :3

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