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for Freedom in death

9/14/2015 c1 47Cheile
Hiya! This caught my eye because Atticus ws one of my favorite characters in that movie.

This is a really great way to show his POV and I think more effective than a drabble or a short ficlet. I like how you start off with the basics (barbarian/slave, he’s only worth to them what riches he can bring in for them) and then jump to his pride – he may be enslaved but he is not gonna sit and cry about it. He’ll fight and everything else be damned. His anger at being lied to by the Romans is nicely put in those few lines because he channels that anger into knowing he will get revenge on Proculus. I also liked how you have him reduce Proculus to “weakling” instead of going into great detail abt his cowardice. Less is more in this case and it fits well.

The last two stanzas are great descriptives to paint the image of how he died with the pyroclastic fire raining down on the arena. He isn’t afraid to face death and his traditional salute is almost like a dare to Mother Nature.

Only one suggestion: [wage for a life unafraid] – I would change “Wage” to “wages”. Just MHO :)

Very nicely written!
12/9/2014 c1 20SaintClaire
This was very impressive. Syllables quite well spaced out, the whole thing read easily and with a kind of rhythm. I love the imagery that sprang out and how you managed to capture Atticus's defining features, the events that were important to him. Very well done :)

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