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for Harry Potter and Setesh's Blunder

11/13/2023 c1 MistyGirl2014
the only nickname for Hermione is Mi, i hate any other enough that i cant continue reading this, sorry
11/5/2023 c23 wiebenor
I love this story, but one thing that I would like to say, is that you seem to be overusing punctuation, especially periods... for instance, when you have a word in the middle like "comms." it makes you (me/my brain) want to treat it like the end of the sentence, and because of that, I have had to re-read sentences over and over before what was written was understood... putting aside that issue, it's very well written, and I definitely will have an offline copy, although I'll deal with the punctuation if I want to REALLY make it more readable...
6/20/2023 c23 gginsc
Too much techno babble.
6/16/2023 c18 Fast Frank
One of the problems with the politics is the source material, "Stargate-SG1". Dramatic requirements required Senator Kinsey to have exclusive power and knowledge that in RL would be shared with the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, and others.
6/16/2023 c3 Guest
Don't waste you time, spends the first fee chapters saying dumbles is a lier and not to be trusted then when he kills of voldie they are best mates for some reason and is happy to bend over for the old fucker. He is a hard core Gary sue.
6/15/2023 c7 Fast Frank
Small typo: "capitol" for "capital" ( "capitol" refers only to the building or Capitol Records, inc. which uses an image of the dome as part if its trademark.)
Physics issue: If you want to use the Moon to hide from earth observation, you must land on 'the dark side', or keep under power to counteract Lunar gravity. To misquote Hamalicar, I do not think geosynchronous means what you think it means.
It seems to me that charging the Potentia ought to be a priority, seeing there are two large operating fusion power plants (the Sun and Edora's sun) available.
6/14/2023 c2 Fast Frank
I had thought that Harry would use Nish'ta on Umbridge, but then the story would have needed the Horror tag. :)
6/1/2023 c23 53EdTheBeast
Cute, more story idea than story in the part 2. But love the HP/SG/Atlantis story.
1/9/2023 c23 WhiteEagle1985
This was a wonderful story to read!
1/4/2023 c4 Guest
Wtf! Why would you idiots share all your secrets with random people ?
12/29/2022 c23 Last Divine Shadow
What about Malfoy and Fudge? Shouldn't they've got their healthy dose of rape and deprivity in general? That would make a nice conclusion.
12/20/2022 c1 Sozin
very stupied story
11/6/2022 c2 Erizar
Gave up on chapter 2, the premise is interesting and the story has more potential than the Janus story since Harry won't immediately have OP tech. Also the idea of using the tech on earth to develop wealth and a powerbase is much more interesting than Harry Bulldozing everything in the Janus story. But the writing is really bad. There are no descriptions, no thoughts, just bland proclamations of actions and plans. I did this, then I did that, I will do this. It is odd, the Janus story written around the same time and was very well done at least in terms of the writing.
10/19/2022 c23 usual-reader-0815
Thanks for the great distraction, while i'm being in quarantine with covid and waiting for negative self tests
9/11/2022 c5 CMdkelley
My main problem is that despite very little preexisting relationships and no DA developing in this story Harry just told pretty much the whole DA from canon.. He has literally no motivation or obligation for doing this outside of the Weasleys! Of whom you already chose not to share or include in killing voldie and i quote because ron would have been useless nor would he have kept his mouth shut... Seriously most of these people can barely be classified as little more than classmates let alone trusted friends who trained and fought alongside Harry. So why oh why right before 7th does he reveal the secret to so many wallflower characters?
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