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for When Ranma Met Aiko (and Tamiko and Fumiko and Misaki)

7/20/2019 c1 1DragoonMaster11
Still an enjoyable part of one of my favorite stories. Been a while but I've found myself here once more, time for another full read-through!
8/15/2016 c1 1silverstreak93242
Well, here's another review, and I must say that I am glad to have read the meeting between your 4 oc's, and Ranma, and just wondering if there is gonna be a meeting between Doc Tofu, and Yori, Chou, and the others in America? As much time as they seem to be spending there...just wondering, cause he wasn't mentioned really in the story DSR, just wondering if he is gonna make a cameo at some point...I really enjoyed reading this, and seeing the development of the backstory that was hinted at in DSR, and this was very well written, and thought out. Looking forward to reading the rest of the stories!
2/11/2016 c1 keichan2
As someone that have NOT YET read “Desperately Seeking Ranma”, I can say that one do not need to know of it to understand the story.

I would say that without the “epilogue” this story could easily stay as is as a standalone one-shot! (Though I would have probably pestered you to read a sequel! ;-p)

Thanks f or sharing!
12/29/2015 c1 40deathgeonous
Hmm, maybe I should have read this one first? Either way, nice fic, thanks for writing this, and bye for now.
10/24/2015 c1 1Cemalidor
Again nicely patching up the gaps to DSR. :D
11/24/2014 c1 Rune Tobor
I like that "unsigned" reviews are not limited to one per chapter.
When I am feeling down I read an upbeat fic to cheer myself up.
Cheaper than any drug and no problem like addiction.

So on rereading this I suddenly thought, could Tofu learn Ranma's Ki healing? And would he react to Chou like he did to Kasumi?

Just an idea, could be fun.

Thanks again for great fics! :-)
11/18/2014 c1 7moon so bright
Love this little bit of backstory!
10/2/2014 c1 21Dunedain ranger of the north
Nice, I really like this. Are the magical girls real anime characters, or of your own creation?
6/26/2014 c1 2GeorgeTobor
Finally logged in.
Thanks again for sharing.
6/12/2014 c1 Fetteraga
funny story, found this fan-fiction when I googled fumiko and misaki when trying to find out which anime the girls from desperately seeking ranma are from. talking about round about ways to find your other stories. (also figured before I checked your profile that you'll eventually get to explaining the events of 'aftermath' in DSR)

keep writing and looking forward to more from you.
6/9/2014 c1 2Rogue15
Well that was a fun first meeting. Certainly sets the back story up nicely.
6/4/2014 c1 Ikurus
This was really nice. I'm looking forward to reading the others.
Thank you for writing and sharing.
5/16/2014 c1 jasonjkay
Wow how did I miss this? Amazing addition to your wonderful story. I love the insight it gives to the girls and Ranma, and Happosai was cool and interesting while still sticking true to his character. I would love if you followed this up with just after this chapter ended with Ranma and Kasumi struggling to hide with help from the others until Happosai finds them and somehow persuades Ranma he wants to help. The early history of Yori and Chou would be cool as well. Thank you so much for this story.
5/14/2014 c1 8Veedramon
Thank you for not demonizing Ukyo. And Is nice to find out how more about how Ranma became a magical girl.
5/13/2014 c1 KrisB-71854
You are one of my favorite writers! I can't believe how well this is. I read through the comments and I have to agree that if you ever get to a good stopping spot in DSR that the between story of Aftermath and DSR from Kasumi's and Ranma's POV and all their various adventures.

I'm still really into DSR and would like you to work on that rather than shifting gears to an inbetween time period.

I have a reading suggestion for you. Have you read the Miles Vorkosigan books? I'd suggest reading any 3 of them in any order. One of the good parts of that series is that each book is entirely self contained and can stand on its own with real need of reading any of other books at all. Why I suggest reading any 3 of them? Its difficult to describe in how she sprinkles back story and "in jokes" tying things together and really making long term readers enjoy things abit more.

The only series that I can think of that are similar are the discworld books. Tech they all stand alone, but if you've read the others you can really get into and enjoy a few sections here and there a bit better.

I guess if you were going the discworld route, you could actually focus on Sasuke and the subverted spy net. ;) You know an entirely different cast of characters that you know of or have heard about in the back ground and are now finding out things or hearing about more of your main folks every now and than just as background characters.

In the miles format, you could easily fit 2-3 books in the inbetween aftermath and DSR time frame. You are that good and there could be that many stories to tell.

I've enjoyed DSR and liked the slice of life approach that you took to it. Every other scene wasn't a life or death battle or new people wanting to kill Ranma for just existing. Its a very refreshing way to tell a story. It's not nearly as action packed, but you do have those scenes and do amp up the battles and danger to give the story spice.

I guess my real recommendation for DSR is decide on "ending conditions" and what you'd like for your next book. I've enjoyed the making of magical girl nabiki. I've also loved Nabiki telling the story of how various people have actually matured some without Ranma and Kasumi around as well. I'm almost thinking that you need to save going back for a future work. I hate cliff hangers, but you could leave the entire work on the note of them deciding to go back, arriving back and waiting for the response as its own story, or Cologne finding them and having that be the dividing point.

It's more of if it works better as books, or just lots of chapters that seem a set of short stories rather than one overall book.
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