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5/25/2016 c1 GoldenRacehorse
It's okay... But is it weird to I'm kind of offended by Mara? I'm Irish; and I don't really like her. She's too... cliché.
7/11/2014 c9 haley.lidgett
You'll get through the writers block
7/3/2014 c12 140ArtemisApollo97
No, not the Twilight series! Although Gave does deserve it :P UPDATE!
6/29/2014 c11 ArtemisApollo97
Gabe's a statue! What happened, what did you do, WHY IS HE COMING BACK? D:
6/28/2014 c10 ArtemisApollo97
Misfits indeed :P
6/28/2014 c9 ArtemisApollo97
There's nothing wrong with superheroes! Me and my little brother had an hour long conversation about them once, it was awesome :D
6/28/2014 c8 ArtemisApollo97
Cody seems sweet, helping the bus driver and the wheelchair people :)
6/28/2014 c7 ArtemisApollo97
Ew, Octavian -_- No like him!
6/28/2014 c6 ArtemisApollo97
LOCKHART! I saw that, you sneaky thing ;)
And Underwood! Chase! Reyna! I take it Mr. Flood is Poseidon :P
They're going to be such terrible teachers :D
6/28/2014 c5 ArtemisApollo97
Hades as a teacher... This is going to be fun :3
6/28/2014 c4 ArtemisApollo97
You posted the same chapter twice O.o
6/28/2014 c3 ArtemisApollo97
STOLLS! I love them! They're kind of like the Fred and George of the PJO fandom :3
6/28/2014 c2 ArtemisApollo97
Wait, who are Cody and Sierra and that lot? I'm confused O.o
6/28/2014 c1 ArtemisApollo97
Ugh, high school D:
6/24/2014 c9 Himy name ispie24
please continue this chapter was amaizing but i wish it was longer
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