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11/23/2016 c1 24fanofthisfiction
I know nothing about Fairy Tale but decided to give this a try. I have to admit my favorite part was the amount of rent owed by Lucy. Boy that was some room she rented! Being that she came from a mansion, maybe she rented one for that much. :) Irregardless, it was a fun part of the story.

If the letter indeed summarized the real happenings of Lucy, it helped to give a brief background of her leave. One suggestion I might make is for the paragraph before to be broken up into separate paragraphs when conversation switches to a different person speaking to make for easier reading. That may be just my personal preference though, and it's fine to go with the style you prefer.

It's always fun to see what others have to share on the site. Thanks in turn for taking time to read my story. Any and all comments are appreciated so don't hesitate to leave constructive criticism. Thanks for sharing!
8/21/2014 c1 5Kanade Takeda
plz update!
8/11/2014 c1 2PantherLilyxKiwi
I like but its short sooooo update you should add another character like sting or mystogen to spice things up lol but its your story and I'm sure whatever it will be great good luck UPDATE!
5/19/2014 c1 Beautifully Natural
Ne, but Jude died! But YAY. HE'S BACK! XD LAWL. Well, great start! It was a bit short, but still gnarly! Awesome start and first Chapter! Radical if it as only your second story. Keep it up, I'll be waiting for the next Chappy! Rock on! x3

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