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for Legends Return

7/3/2020 c2 1Moonchild.Danny
5/27/2015 c6 1AngleKitsune66
I think datsxfrontier is logical since there are 4 spirits and there's Marcus ,Thomas ,yoshi and Keenan
5/14/2015 c5 Persona 3
Do dats and LW
5/14/2015 c6 WhitecoffeeHey
I think dats x warriors is going to be awesome
1/25/2015 c6 LunaraGK
Mm, interesting, if short chapters, but that's fine. My vote would be for Tamers, personally. There is an abundance of Adventure x Frontier cross-overs, or all season ones, but I haven't seen a strictly Tamers x Frontier story. The dynamics could be interesting; and the Tamers group would likely handle the Legendary Warriors turning into Digimon better than most others, considering the Bio-Merge nature of some of the mega levels.
1/4/2015 c6 1Moonlight Ink
This story has so much potential. Love the playfulness of it all. Keep going on this story.
1/4/2015 c6 8Light Hero Kaiser
great chapter m8 can't wait for more
9/20/2014 c3 GirlFish
I'm defenintly intersted in how the story progresses.

Keep up the good work!
9/20/2014 c4 GirlFish
Thank you for not abandoning it yet. I appriceate it a great deal. The chapters thus far are short but good.

On a side note, can you please write a story that has all seven demon lords plus Grandracmon? With Grandracmon being the top boss bad guy.

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