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5/25/2014 c5 KrisB-71854
I get the feeling that most of humanity doesn't really need/use ships larger than a frigate or cruiser. From a few of the comments, there were questions on why sticking with the star wars slang for the magitech.

I'm actually fine with it. Few really care how a light saber works or runs. What's just important is the fancy flash light can cut "almost" anything. Everyone also knows that blasters are distance energy weapons.

Calling their warp ships hyper ships or such though was stretching things. I think that you should basically say that they compared all the tv/movie formats and it just looked like star wars hyper space travel more than any of the other fictional ones so that's why their name stuck. The rest was just popular and the movies are likely still on going with actually getting real mages to try being Jedi. You know as well as I do that's pretty much a given.

I actually liked that your humanity just didn't have any interest in mass effect tech so went an entirely different route. What that really means though is that all those human planets should be safe from Reapers and other alien threats. They would likely just to systems that have relay gates. Also Reapers might have problems with a humanity with a large percentage with mind shields of various natures. They'd instantly Id any alien tech that was trying to mind control them and let the human government in general know. That species would be instantly in the enemy slot.

I can handle immortal Harry. it works. I can also understand Harry making it a point to live on colony worlds and such as the fame usually doesn't follow him or isn't as bad out there.

On the big SWs ship concept. I can handle that it wasn't really a "war ship" that it was mainly a factory ship that was also really heavily armed. I'd like to suggest a handle full of other interesting ships. An SDF style ship with population around 50-70k living comfortably in it. There are a few books with ships in the 100 mile in length range that they might try as well. Something like that seems less of a war ship though and more of a long distance colony / industrial ship.

I'm actually surprised that Harry hasn't tried running of on a ship like that. I don't think that Harry likes his title or the age based respect that he is getting. Part of the reason it may be extended though is because he doesn't use it very often.

Harry seems to still be looking for a few friends that just call him Harry or maybe Uncle Harry now and don't really know or care about all the rest of it.

I'm with them in wanting to build up a real fleet presence in front of each of those mass relays though. I'd be iffy on wanting to explore down that route myself. After getting the basic data from the citadel races, they don't really need to colonize within known citadel space. They could actually avoid if for a long time with just enough contacts to keep their maps current. I could actually see them coming up with means to extend their Doors system to link systems, but ti would likely take much more power, advanced computers, or something really expensive that makes the system linking more like SG's one per system deal.
5/24/2014 c5 11Tsukino Kage Spectre
What no one seems to be thinking is what will be Desolas's fate, and how this will affect Saren? In canon, Saren's hatred of humans comes from what happened to Desolas, and it was seeing Desolas' ambitions that drove Jack Harper (better known as the Illusive Man) to creating cerberus. Desolas is alive but humiliated, he is likely to lose everything that defined him as a Turian, his rank, his honor, and possibly his freedom. He is lucky to get only house arrest for the rest of his life. As for Saren, will this make him less or more angry at humanity, and how will this affect his chances of becoming a SPECTRE?
5/24/2014 c5 1gaara king of the sand
LOL oh this is the best one yet every Harry Potter and Mass Effect story I've read aren't all that great this one however is Great i hope you update soon till next message bye
5/24/2014 c5 FranticHamster
Fun chapter but pissing off the council in such a way could cause some problems later would it not have bean better to be more upfront about it?
5/23/2014 c5 Novo
I'm really interest how your going to keep the story interesting now that you defined the ballade of Power.
But till now its the best story of its kind I have read till now. I especial like how you kept Harry an importent and powerful Character without everyone else depending on him to save the day.
Also the line "just what kind of race called the ship carrying their diplomatic mission The Executor?" made me laugh for minutes, what an wonderful paragraph ending.
5/23/2014 c5 Separ
Very nice, great chapter!
Btw: it's "hailing" on the frequency, not "hauling"
5/23/2014 c5 kimset
5/23/2014 c5 Shashenka
Nice new chapter I really love how they decieved the council it was brilliant!
5/23/2014 c5 8Konda020946
Good job keep up the good work
5/23/2014 c5 Yinko
That's the only way I could have supported them joining the Citadel, if they were fucking them over. Basically every major issue the Citadel usually demands went in the Alliance's favor.
5/23/2014 c5 Bluesnowman
Great work
5/23/2014 c5 1Dracco
Um, cool chapter and all, really like how you delt with the council, but you and your beta really need to reread this, there's a few spell check auto errors, 'hauling' instead of 'hailing' for example.
5/23/2014 c5 Dotton
Hi I really think this story is interesting but I have a question. The system alliance use's magical ward's for shielding and I am wondering why they don't use energy shields or kinetic barriers for extra protection.
5/23/2014 c5 The Man In The Mirror
Nice chapter
5/23/2014 c5 DeathCrawler
ohh they got so duped cant wait for the next chapter
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