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5/23/2014 c5 ElDani
This chapter was at times so funny, I had to laugh out loud. Here is Harry Potter, not even two centuries old yet, but he completely outsmarts the whole council. If you think about the fact that Asari live for a really long time (most only become matriarchs at age 700 or later), then the way they have been duped by the new kids on the block must really be mortifying, especially for Tevos. I can't wait to read the council's reactions once they realize that.

While I enjoy your constant references to the Star Wars movies - they're a nice reminder to my humble beginnings in science-fiction, after all - I do wonder why humanity is so keen on it. You have blasters, lightsabers, hyperdrives and even a full size replica of Darth Vader's personal flagship. Why do your humans name their own technology after it and go to such extreme lengths as building a twenty kilometer flagship from fiction?
5/23/2014 c5 7DWM
I think the word 'impossible' will be heard many times :-)
5/23/2014 c5 2SleeperAwakens
Есть одна проблема, которой тебе стоит поберечься: не переборщи с крутизной человечества. Многие авторы по МЕ в своих фиках позволяют нам рвать всю галактику как Тузик грелку, и хотя это бесспорно очень круто, это отнимает у фика напряжение. Больше ПРЕВОЗМОГАНИЯ, товарищ!
5/23/2014 c5 l3ct0r
Great job and thanks both of you
The face of the negotiation group will be speachless
Thanks by your job and uload fast
5/23/2014 c5 1AndreyKl
Good chapter. I like your 'win by default' idea and realization, since it makes council to act quicker and forgo some protocols.

"Normally, Councillor Tevos would use that time to review summary about the species, but there was no such thing to review in this case. Only short note from salarian inteligence agency indicating that the aliens clearly had technology above anything the rest of the galaxy could dream of. Something about breaking a dozen of seintifical laws and teories from superficial observation alone. And that ship somehow bypassed all outposts as it has no recent combat damage, most likely advanced stelth systems, judging by heat output or less likely - one more relay leading to citadel was found.
Unfortunately lack of information was only a minor problem. Because she could not gather that needed information. She could not send teams to investigate the species and their culture. She could not offer a meld to ambasador, because she has no way to know, how he will react. She couldn't ask turian survivors and most likely Shadow Brocker had no information either. She couldn't even delay the meeting.
Such situation and meeting in first place was against all protocols and safety mesures. But... she had no choise. She had to play diplomacy this time with barely any data on hands. What else she could do in case huge alien ship appears out of the blue, fully bypassing or outranning outposts outside the nebulae and then alien ambasador claims that their species was attacked by turians. Any delay may be treated as insult, provocation or unwilingnes to declare peace. Hopefully almost immediate responce wasn't seen as weeknes.
On the bright side, aproaching ambasador will be in same conditions. It is a wonder that this System Alliance managed to get a working translation program in a scope of 8 days. Them knowing and understanding enought to use even superficial political information beyound some obvious facts they could have got from turians will be a miracle."

"Finally, alien ambassadors arrived, and Tevos had to restrain herself from gaping. She should have checked species appearance and demeanor while they were in the lift or at least before they entered the hall, but urgency of situaton demanded her attention on some security and media details and right before the meeting she needed a bit time to calm herself down and overview her greetings."

P.S sorry for poor english.
5/23/2014 c5 DeusImperator92
Great story , tnx for the update.
5/23/2014 c5 8nobodez
So glad Potter decided to go with Precision over Accuracy with the stipulations.
5/23/2014 c5 1Finnish Paragade
Damn... The arrogance of the council, they really are too comfortable with their positions.
The admitting of not needed payments that is pretty much mandatorial in these stories caught me off guard, and the polite act. I did expect Harry to dictate the demands without giving a turn of speech to councillors.
Overall a chapter of my liking, it was pretty unique diverted away from the usual stuff, keep it up.
5/23/2014 c5 Opinr
A good chapter I look forward to more.
5/23/2014 c5 A Random Reader
I can't wait until Tevos realises that a good segment of human tech works by engraved words upon stone.

Keep it up, I'm loving the pace
5/23/2014 c5 tick-toc-tick
I really like where this is going. The post first contact political games always make for an interesting read. I can't wait for the next chapter.
5/23/2014 c5 serialkeller
God, hope tevos gets screwed and harry and them just play around with the other people that come, manipulating them all the way and make themselves look even better to the rest of the galaxy. :D
5/23/2014 c5 2Penny is wise
Awesome chapter. lol they just played the council it was great.
5/22/2014 c4 The Man In The Mirror
Update please this is quite entertaining
5/21/2014 c4 Opinr
This story is awesome, I look forward to more.
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