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for The effects of magic

5/16/2014 c4 serialkeller
Great stuff. Can't wait for more :D Really hope this doesn't just stop after this point and go on hiatus forever which seems to happen with all the harry potter/ME fics out there. Update soon!
5/16/2014 c4 13damon blade
Another grat chapter and I love how Harry was acting and how he handled Desolas a very nice touch that, now we get to see what happens when the Turian's reinforcments arrive or is the conecil going to get in the middle of this first, that is the question.

Keep up the work and post again when ready!
5/16/2014 c4 deadal
i always tough there would be a lot of fun by coupling explosive and teleportation... such as teleporting a demolition charge into a EZO core and creating a chain reaction that will destroy any ME's ship...
you have an interesting plot, let see about you manage the end of the prologue!
5/16/2014 c4 Lord Edric
This is really good, I can't wait to see how this plays out, I wonder if Harry can have kids with Asari?
5/16/2014 c4 SilverReindeer
I liked it! The fact that magic is not only able to save those lives, but that humans actually go to the effort of implementing these features, shows how different the military doctrine has become in the past 150 years.

Thanks for sharing, I'm as always looking forward to more :)
5/16/2014 c4 1Finnish Paragade
Ah we finally see the moment in fanfiction where defenders try to persuade attacker and give ultimatum before acting when it's more rational then simply obliterating them... This might impress the Council too that humanity is advanced, responds in kind with the "poking" and eases up when necessary. It may prevent them be painted as overly violent species.
Now if only the armistice and negotiations to end hostilities would follow same pattern and not be dictated "We won't do or grant nothing to you and this Council" and "this is how things will go or it's war..."
With the plethora of these stories and how authors write them i have come to think that maintaining peace means inevitable compromises otherwise they just fear and holds you in target sights.
On a final note... Keep it up.
5/16/2014 c4 1Dark0w1
I want to see Palaven burn with Nuclear Fire once in a while.
5/16/2014 c4 The Defenestrated Typewriter
I'm njoying your story and look forward to your next update. It will be interesting to see how you handle both the revelation that magic exists and how it intergrates into citadel council space.

Also every time I read a story where the turians attack for opening a relay why does nobly ever mention that the turians opened relays first. People like to have the council attempt to chastise humanity for recklessly opening relays by then never use the comeback that the b4 the rachni wars the citadel did the same.
5/16/2014 c4 timt020
love it, keep up the good work!
5/15/2014 c4 thsunami
Love it. Can not get enough
5/15/2014 c3 Septon
So far this has been a good read, hopefully the "fast" paced time jumps will end soon.
I have nothing really to say, some may call Humanity "OP" but I think it is more of a difference in technology , culture and thought styles.
Anyways looking forward for more!
5/15/2014 c3 timt020
great story, hope you update soon.
5/13/2014 c3 Ciupacapra
Great story so far i must say.
Great writing !
PLS keep it up and stomp that council !
5/12/2014 c3 7Kira Kyuu
Oh, I do quite like this. I can't wait to see how this all works out :3
5/12/2014 c3 1Finnish Paragade
A little rushed with lack of telling what really happens during the battle.
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