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6/14/2020 c6 14Aslan's Princess
Oh, this is perfect! Took a break from reading Chapter 64 of the main story just to find out the history between these two geniuses. As soon as they realized they'd run into each other five times before officially meeting, I wanted to hop over here to learn the full stories.

Loved how every time Sherlock and Lexi met Lexi either spoke in a different accent or (in the case of Mycroft) she didn't get a chance to say anything. So that in addition to the vastly different circumstances Sherlock ran into her, he was never able to get an accurate and/or trustworthy read on her.

Lovely read. Returning to the main story to continue there. :-)
10/7/2016 c6 xFallenDemonx
Wow! This was such a great story! Very enjoyable too :)
4/20/2016 c6 27River Eagle
You've got some great work here, and very enjoyable! I like your character of Lexi and how you've got her on par with Sherlock!

awesome work!
9/16/2014 c6 supernaturalfangirl12
She met him before Mycroft!? OMGODS I'm totally gonna quote The vampire Diaries on you. " Maybe if I'd met you first..." "Ya..maybe." FEEEEEEEEEELS
9/16/2014 c2 supernaturalfangirl12
Awe. Why'd she have to lose the scarf *huffs and puffs and blows London away*
9/16/2014 c1 supernaturalfangirl12
LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! #feelsmademehadaheartexplosion
5/19/2014 c6 3OcChronicler
OMG! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! I think you did Sherlock's POV beautifully. I especially couldn't help but laugh at how Sherlock "deduced" that Lexi was sleeping with both Lestrade and Mycroft, or at least Lestrade was attempting too. Hahaha I also love what he thought about Lexi through meeting her as a potential flatmate, curious about why she wasn't saying a word to him and what he "deduced" from her interactions with everyone and her surroundings. But, most of all, I love the ending where Sherlock and Lexi will remember these meetings and that Sherlock was amused that he, technically, met Lexi first out of all their friends and colleagues :) again, another splendid job! Why don't you write in 3rd POV more often?

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