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6/2/2014 c5 1Frenchie12
This is totally them A 'you go girl' look from Sara and Roy. A 'brother going to kill' look from Diggle. And a sort of 'annoyed but trying to hide it' look from Oliver.
6/2/2014 c5 2TheLonelyGodsMuse
Thank you so much for posting! I always enjoy and look forward to your updates! Ooh now the Winchesters are here and so is Team Arrow. This is going to be fantastic! I did wonder though, where exactly did Cas go during this chapter? Thank you so much for updating! Can't wait to read what's next!
6/2/2014 c5 Amber
This is great. I've only read one other crossover with the Winchesters and it's not in the Arrow Uni. I never watched the show. So for me it's fun seeing a different side to the guys. I can't wait to read more.
6/1/2014 c5 6NorthernLights25
This story keeps consistently getting better! Great job!
6/1/2014 c5 32Dark-Supernatural-Angel
Great Olicity moment before bed.

It was interesting to see Felicity explaining things with some of Castiel's help.

Ash teaching Felicity code...great!

Nicely done
Update soon!
5/31/2014 c4 melancholicdreams2
This is amazing, holy shit, A
5/23/2014 c4 silversnakes
YAS Destiel
5/22/2014 c4 xnathiagrey
i kinda like the idea (besides the thing thats destiel inside and I really don't like destiel tbh but I'll read over it! xD)
I love bad!felicity and I REALLY WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENEND BETWEEN HER AND SAM! yeah now I'm done shouting. cya around (:
5/22/2014 c4 Guest
Dean's gay? I never even thought of him 2 b tht way... a man hoe but u knw with girls but watever
5/22/2014 c4 Selenium55
Awesome chapter! Loved the sam/felicity and cas/felicity interactions.
5/22/2014 c4 104MarenMary93
Can't wait to read more!
I really hope you update soon!
5/22/2014 c4 6annependragon
Love the Httyd reference cool
5/22/2014 c4 mrs.northmanwannabe
I love the How To Train Your Dragon reference-my kids are obsessed so I laughed immediately when I read that. Good job! As for the rest, I love the story. Both great shows and I love them wound together. I love that Felicity gets to show her own fighting skills here since she's so sensitive about that on the show. Too bad Cas got rid of her scar though!
5/22/2014 c1 104MarenMary93
Sounds very interesting, and promising!
I just hope Felicity makes it!
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