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6/17/2014 c5 Savannah
Hey, it's, you know, me. I LOVE the new chapter, it is super cute! I'm just about done with the drawing, on lay one more square to color in. And I'm going to send you my story through instalments of emails, 'k? And, I really can't wait to read yours about valentines day! Anyhoo, have a great day/night!
6/5/2014 c4 2Darkhorse Douglas
Ok time to review I just read all the chapters you've done strait through and I have to say this is the strangest thing I EVER read and I've read plenty of yaoi MPREG story's. BUT this is also genius having every ships lovechild exist in one story. I thought mystery child would be heather's but now seeing as it's not I'm guessing you just forgot about her? Also was Hiccup the mother or Dagur, because it would make more since if Dagur was seeing how that would explain why he has her and if Hiccup had her I feel like at least some one would notice. I'm asking cause you sort of made it seem like Hiccup had the baby and Dagur stole her. You don't have to change it I just thought Dagur having the baby would make more since seeing how in this universe males can have kids or is that just Hiccup. I love how you have some of the kids call Hiccup "Mama" while others call him dad or father. That can be really hard to keep track of especially with multiple lovechildren and you do a great job of keeping track of who calls Hiccup what. I have always had trouble figuring out how yaoi lovechildren should address and talk about there fathers. I usually go the lazy route with ones Dad and the other is daddy or father, but your idea of one actually being addressed as mom makes since and is actually a really good idea. Sorry this review is so long just with this different of a idea there's a lot to talk about. can't wait for you to continue this idea

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