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12/23/2019 c1 Lyova
It's 2:48 AM. I'm oozing into an infinitely turning downward spiral. It has teeth.
5/25/2018 c1 46Gamma Cavy
I see FFVII crossover potential with this concept. It was an interesting and somewhat disturbing look into her head. Nicely done.
6/23/2017 c1 28The Alien of Pluto
Interesting. I've never read anything quite like this. I like how you characterized Greene. And her relationship with PARIAH
7/27/2016 c1 Infectium
Jesus Christ this is the best thing I've read in a long time.
4/10/2016 c1 11reinforced hell
Alrighty then, that was definitely interesting.
1/10/2015 c1 Adam Jensen-TheAugmentedGod
Love it :)

This could have the potential to turn into a crossover..but I think it's perfect the way it is.
7/12/2014 c1 DarkEmress
It was depressing, but you captured Elizabeth in new light, made her someone who just wanted her family with her and not some crazy bitch who wants to take over the world.

More power to you!
7/3/2014 c1 25Abyssal Angel
Heh, the way this goes, it makes me think of Elizabeth Greene as Jenova. Certainly doesn't help that she goes by 'MOTHER'. Just like Jenova... huh... Jenova was a viral entity after all... what if Elizabeth Greene IS Jenova?... Enough time passes, and I don't think she'd care at all what others call her...
6/24/2014 c1 4Aronim
Twisted. Sweet in a sickly way. Very fitting.
5/21/2014 c1 2The Man Who Has No Life
I must say, this was a rather enjoyable read. Yes, if Elizabeth had won and taken over the world, this is probably what would have happened... Except the spaceship part, maybe. It got depressing towards the end, and I can only imagine I would have lost my mind completely after 10,000 years of boredom, never mind 1,000,000,000. It was a bit happy that he came back to check on his mother though.

The repeating the words struck me as odd at first, until I realized they showed Elizabeth Greene's mental state was unhinged. I also enjoyed how she felt some remorse for killing Alex... The way she treated him in the game confused me. Truly an entirety (by human standards) of sitting in one spot is already going to drive a broken mind into an even worse state.

The only real problems I saw were minor typos and PARIAH having knowledge of BlackLight, unless the people holding him told him such information. As well as the technology PARIAH used not rotting after several thousand years, unless he figured out how to keep them in tip top condition over several millenia.

Overall, this was a nice read. I'm surprised this doesn't have more reviews.
5/10/2014 c1 13Cakes Blargh
Pariah... you just opened a can of worms on all carbon lifeforms out there. Expect exasperation from her son, muttering 'Mom, those are my alien friends, not cool, stop infecting them!'

Coin, you make the best AUs out there. I always thought Redlight served the purpose of evolving her children... slowly though, growing, unlike Blacklight which just cheat. So what's stopping another natural Blacklight spawning.

I imagined Runners are like server, interface, back-ups that remembers imperfectly those it infects, hence I imagined Greene had Hope inside her mind, her children in there. It was only when she has infected enough in the present time that it brought her mind out of the past and concentrate on the world.

... I can't help imagine another AU, where Pariah knocked on Zeus' door, brightly singing 'You wanna build a space ship!' moments later hearing 'Fuck off' from moping Mercer.

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