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for Son of Beelzebub

4/8/2018 c8 1Currahee506
2/11/2018 c8 reptoholic
2/11/2018 c7 reptoholic
Screw issei have naruto fight them all
2/11/2018 c6 reptoholic
looking good
2/11/2018 c5 reptoholic
AWesome! Can't wait to see what else naruto can do. What his bloodline is capable of and how he uses his chains.
2/11/2018 c4 reptoholic
Hot damn
2/11/2018 c3 reptoholic
I hope he gets an awesome peerage and trains them all! MUTATION PIECES
2/11/2018 c2 reptoholic
I hope that he kick dildodora's ass
2/11/2018 c1 reptoholic
Hope there is a female ALucard! great job so far
1/6/2018 c8 naruhanaI4445
Damnit why havent you updated in 4 years
7/10/2017 c8 1TheEternalSage18
This is a great story that I hope you come back to soon, it has a semi-unique way of going about it so far.
1/24/2017 c8 4jedilordrevan
So is this story canceled?
11/27/2016 c8 wdog44
pls update
10/25/2016 c8 fenixrojo36
Retoma esta historia quiero ver más capítulos de esta historia
9/30/2016 c8 1ISleep
man, I wish ud update this. it's a great story... if u won't, can someone tell me if anyone adopted it? it's a great story if it continues and has more detail.
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