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for Scurisci Cielo

5/15/2015 c5 joyce
i hope you can start again soon
i will eagrly wait to read your next chapter
10/10/2014 c5 0oLucifero0
I find this story really good!
I can't wait for the next update. Very excited!
but ur so evil poor small little tsuna.
btw how old r all the characters?
9/30/2014 c5 Hinatauchiha1
Aaawwww noooo please I hope you can update really soon I really liked it
9/26/2014 c5 xeyuxe20
great story I love how u let hibari and mukuro be much more wiser and at least true to their characters (seriously sometimes I wonder how mukuro or even hibari can resent tsuna in killing somebody when they have done much worse and heck they're in the mafia they should expect it already) I love ur writing style btw keep it up :)
9/21/2014 c5 Chu can do it
Story is delicious *thumbs up*
6/16/2014 c4 Anime100
This is truly very interesting to read; please update soon
5/13/2014 c3 Mona
Thank goodness that Hibari and Mukuro are still there for Tsu-chan in the end! As for the others however, I have one thing to say about this that is one word and three syllables, HYP-PO-CRITS! They knew of the outcome of being in the mafia the moment they accepted.
Takeshi- you brought yourself in this the moment you traded your bat for sword fighting lessons.
Ryouhei - you, like Takeshi, chose to be apart the familia on your own free will. If you don't want to see death, then you should have stayed with your sister and the boxing club.
Chrome- you're practically a SISTER to a "monster" yourself and yet you haven't abandoned him have you?
Lambo- you were BORN into the mafia world, so this would have been common for you and that it would be common sense that death is involved.
Gokudera- Do NOT get me started with you! I'd doubt that you can even count how many death you've did with all your dynamite throwing, both intentionally and non intentionally! And let's not forget the fact that you were even BEGGING many other familias to join their group before kind hearted Tsu-chan not only saved you but took you in even when he didn't WANT to be involved in the mafia to begin with.
You guys are all hypocrites and I actually hope that Tsu-chan get some guardian replacements how are ACCEPTING and LOYAL to Tsu-chan as well.
Please update the story soon!
5/13/2014 c3 Guest
good for your next update then..all the best :)
5/12/2014 c2 Kishiragi
...I wonder how would Byakuran and Yuni thinks of this... better yet, what would Reborn, and the other people thinks of this... You know what, the way I see it, I think Tsuna's normal staffs and workers are the only one who understand him... Maybe even Dino... Still if everyone started to hate Tsuna, then he only got Nana, that is if his mother isn't dead yet. After all, parents will ALWAYS love their child no matter what.
5/14/2014 c4 Summerluvspocky
5/14/2014 c4 18Aria Vicci
Nee, you should hear 'Error' joydreamerjourney version... that song can help your fanfic, trust me. The lyrics... so abandon!Tsuna! QAQ or Oliver version, or original version (japan language), whatever. But you should hear that fukkin sad song. I'm still crying when imagine it...

Update soon, I'm still waiting for another chappie C;
5/13/2014 c3 5LittleSnowChild
love it the story's process is good. but where's Reborn?
5/13/2014 c3 Belle'Masque
Ooohhhhhh... I have had times where words go invisible before!
Hopefully that doesn't happen to you!

Looking forward to he next chapter!
Belle 3
5/13/2014 c1 Summerluvspocky
So sad),: Those asshole!:(
Update soon ?:)
5/13/2014 c3 3Lumi yoshinigama
...SON OF A FUDGE! i SPEND THREE freaking hours editing the chapters! but the words kept disappearing! I had to revised the chapters over and over again but when I saved and reread it again it's still the same! I SWEAR I MIGHT ACCIDENTALLY CALL SATAN FOR CURSING TO MUCH ON I hope you guys like the story even though the chapters were missing a few words _ sorry 'bout that XD.
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