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6/17/2014 c19 30NRMania
*clutches chest*
*drops dead via love overdose*
okay... that was not actually so bad. Also YEAHHHH. expect a large post it note coming through your window some time in the future (aka Private message coming into your inbox)
*Picks up Post-it Launcher*
*Loads it*
*Shoots through window*
*Tips hat*
6/17/2014 c19 Magic Tropius
answer to the thing on vaporeon i think its a frill that folds into the body like cobra hood
6/16/2014 c19 25CloudSkylark18
alright I think I do but I won't know for sure until I do so here it goes.

Trainer's Name (just because I want one): Holly
Appearance: short with shoulder length silver hair, gray eyes, pale skin, and a scar across the back of her right hand
Gender: female
clothes: forest green shirt, black pants, storm cloud gray shoes, and yellow diamond earrings

Blaze (Charizard): Ember, wing attack, dragon rage, flamethrower
Dagger (Honedge) : shadow sneak, tackle, sacred sword, and metal sound
Swift (shadow Swellow): quick attack, wing attack, brave bird, and gust
Volt (Dedenne): parabolic charge, thunder shock, nuzzle, and charge
Vortex (shadow Lugia or Gyrados):
moves if Lugia: sky attack, aeroblast, weather ball, and hydro pump
moves if Gyrados: hyper beam, bite, hydro pump, and aqua tail
Flora (Leafeon): razor leaf, grass whistle, leaf blade, and quick attack
battle style: holly tends to have her pokemon evade their opponents before attacking. she does this so that she can figure out her opponents battle style. once Holly succeeds in doing that she lets her pokemon go full force. she also tends to use her weaker pokemon first. not out of spite, but the desire to help them get stronger. So in this case right now she would send Dagger in first, and then Flora or both in a double battle.
level of pokemon:
Blaze: around 89
Dagger: 77
Swift: really close to being 90
Volt: 88
Vortex: 91 (if Lugia), or 78 (if Gyarados)
Flora: 78
hope this helps and work, and I can't wait for another chapter
6/13/2014 c18 Magic Tropius
Please consider inputting this character Tina the shiny Tropius as like a wise motherly giving advice to her other pokemon
6/11/2014 c1 Magic Tropius
get the next chapter posted come on ive been waiting for like 3 min after i finished 18
6/11/2014 c18 4TheFrostedFox
Hmm... romantic tension. Surprised that Miss Shade never crossed Ryu's mind as he dated another female Lucario; even their colorations are both unique! Other than that, I'd like to see where this ends up. I still have no idea where the five Pokemon came from. Were they mentioned at the beginning or something...? Anyway, I think it'll also help to introduce your characters with dialogue and/or action rather than just list 'em off. Also, sorry about not commenting last chapter. The ONE time I forget to check... BTW, I'm up for RPing for real this time.
Can't wait for the next chapter!
6/11/2014 c4 voter
I would like romance (ryuxluna) and humor
6/10/2014 c18 Luckywhisker

Sorry for not putting my name on my last review. The thing with Ginger the Delphox is me. Sorry . . .

Anyway, my character has messy brown hair (the ends of which are dyed gold) and green eyes. He would be wearing some sort of graphic tee with khaki short (coming down below his knees). He would have teal converse on too, if you must know.
Again, sorry for not putting my name on the last one. The reason I wrote that thing on the top is so you wouldn't overlook my other one because you didn't know my name . . . sorry . . .
6/10/2014 c18 Guest
OK, I have no idea if you've already picked the reviewers yet, but I just now read this and want to submit my team. Feel free to change stuff if it doesn't work with the story (I'll have a couple Pokemon at the end for o They are as follows:

1) Ginger the Delphox. Attacks: Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Psychic, and Psyshock. Ability: Blaze (Powers up fire moves when he has less HP).
2) Blast the Blastoise (I bet you never would have guessed). Attacks: Hydro Pump, Surf, Waterfall, and another of your choice (really, its rock smash). Ability: Torrent (Powers up watcher moves with less HP).
3) Tyche the Lucario. Attacks: Close Combat, Aura Sphere, Flash Cannon, and X-Treme Speed. Ability: Steadfast: Boost speed when flinches.
4) Professor X the Xerneas (Feel free to change his name. I'm just a huge Marvel fan.) Attacks: Mega Horn, Moonblast, Thunder, Horn Leech. Ability: Fairy Aura (powers fairy moves)
5) Four the Mewtwo (Feel free to change him and Xerneas because they're legends). Attacks: Aura Sphere, Psychic, and two others of your choice (really they're recover and barrier)
6) Sora the Zoroark. Attacks: Night Sash, Torment, and two others of your choice (really they're agility and embargo.

Here are two extra Pokemon options:

1) Cinder the Ninetails. Attacks: Flame Blast, Ember, Flamethrower, and Hyper Beam. Ability: Flash Fire (immune to fire attacks and fire-type hidden power)
2) Aqua the Vaporeon. Attacks: Rain Dance (likes to use this), Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, and Scald. Ability: Hydration (heals status problems if raining).

Anyway, my name's Lucky if I get chosen. Thx! You're writing a great story!
6/10/2014 c18 25CloudSkylark18
cool. I can't wait to see who is qualified. I hope you continue soon.
6/10/2014 c18 2JChittester
Hey. This story is getting really good. I was wondering if you can put a character of me in there. He would be 15 years old. Messy brown hair and hazel eyes. He would be wearing some loss blue jeans with a tan long sleeve shirt with sunglasses. He would also be wearing a bracelet on his right hand. His team would consist of Sylveon, Pikachu, Sceptile, Latias, Krookodile, and Lapras. Sylveon would my tank and knows the moves: Moonblast, Draining Kiss, Physhock, and Shadowball. Pikachu I found injury in the wild and would know Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Iron Tail and Grass Knot. Sceptile would be my starter and would know Leaf Blade, Frenzy Plant, Mega Drain and Energy Ball. Latias I would get by befriending it and would know Mist Ball, Dragon Pulse, Recover and Ice Beam. Krookodile decide to join my team after being resuced from Team Plasma and would know Earthquake, Crunch, Dragon Claw and Aerial Ace. Lapras I would get in Union Cave and would know Surf, Protect, Blizzard and Psychic.

I was thinking that you would meet my character in a tournament that was during a full 6 on 6 Pokémon Battle. But I would be helping your character every now and thing to get out of a jam. Would you be able to do this?
6/10/2014 c18 Fitz
Vote No double No triple No Quadra No Penta NOoo
6/5/2014 c17 Luckywhisker
Hmmmmmm . . . *thinking face* . . . I think Ryu the Lucario should show up during the story, but at the appropriate time. Don't have him just randomly show up with his girlfriend (the Eevee: again, if you don't have her name picked out, I think it should be Moon or Star or something). Maybe you could have one of Luna's fellow trainers be Ryu (the Lucario)'s trainer. Then you could have another battle, meet the other Ryu, and . . . maybe . . . just maybe . . . introduce a love story between this Eevee and Shadow. There would be lots of fights and drama, and EVOLUTION! But *shrugs* you know, it's your choice.
6/5/2014 c17 Guest
It's amazing keep it up.
6/5/2014 c17 30NRMania
YEEEEE, you don't want to know how long I have been waiting for this chapter, I love this story.
First... Second of all I would like to say this was yet another great chapter, may have been sad but remember what I said about romance? Yeah same thing with sorrow, you need a bit of it in your life, you may not enjoy it but it has to be there.
Third, WHO DA DUCK IS RYU THE LUCARIO? Not knowing who he is aside, I always enjoy a bit of Lucario in my stories, its one of my favourite Pokemon and one of those shinies I hunted for, still have not got one yet though, but I vote yes for Ryu the Lucario.
Last but not yeast (heh), I would like you to tell me when you are doing that "thing" I talked about, something to do with the viewers?
Hey wanna buy some watches?
No random trenchcoat guy I do not wanna buy some watches, this is the time I go
*throws cherish ball*
Hi ho silver away!
*tips hat*
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