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5/28/2014 c16 30NRMania
Yo man, that was SICK DAWG... *cough* why the flying doritos was I talking like that, welll uhhh anyway yeah, that was freakin awesome! But uhhh anyway, you said you are in need of ideas? I got just the bag of ideas! Pull up a chair while I look through the bag.
*rustling* hmm ahh yes here we are heres a good one *pulls a piece of paper out*
"Meet reviewers and do a small battle with them." Wow, thats like a ton of ideas all wrapped into one, I know I would like to see my party try to defeat Ryu and the rest Luna's team and I'm sure we would all want to see our... what would be a good word for this, just fuq it, our avatar try to take on a shadow mew, if that was so I assure you I won't lose (this is actually a hint to what Pokemon I use in my team!)
But anyway, alas this review must come to an end, this does not mean my time with you has not passed though, we shall meet again.
*pulls out cherish ball and throws it*
Onwards my shiny Giratina!
*tips hat*
*uses more of these star thingies*
5/27/2014 c16 Luckywhisker
Oh my God! That was awesome! Can't wait to see what happens next!

(P.S.- The chapters are much better now that you've started releasing them every day or so . . .)
5/27/2014 c16 3TheFrostedFox
I am impressed! Well done! 4k words is quite an accomplishment. I will say that I felt it didn't flow as well as it could have; try varying your sentence structure more and use better punctuation. I find semicolons can work miracles if used correctly. And if you have words to spare, add even more detail. However, you still did a magnificent job on this chapter and I'm excted for what's to come!
5/27/2014 c16 25CloudSkylark18
great. and maybe you could teach her grass knot, but don't replace Flamethrower
5/27/2014 c16 PokeKing
Hehe, fan request, nice way to call it, not really a request though, it's more like an order, because if you do not make that chapter I will figure out where you live and call Ryu and Winter to hang you from the Leaning Tower of Pisa with your underwear, that will hurt a lot xD. Then Ryu and Winter will write the chapter themselves. Hope you continue making a great story

PokeKing out!
5/27/2014 c14 PokeKing
Please do NOT be stressed, I still love your work and hope that you continue with this great story, xD PLEASE don't discontinue it, I love it and love it and love it, and LOVE IT TO THE END OF THE WORLD, xD. If you discontinue this story I will figure out where you live and I will call Ryu and he will unleash his anger upon you!

PokeKing OUT!

(I'm so evil!)
5/24/2014 c15 1alienschnitzelblast
I like it! Please continue
5/24/2014 c15 Luckywhisker
Oh, I forget to add this to my previous post. The shiny Eevee/Umbreon thing could be a great set-up. Shadow could insist that the Eevee should evolve into an Umbreon (and that's what Eevee wants), but Ryu (the Lucario) hates Umbreon and wants her to be a Glaceon or and Espeon or something like that. The Eevee could begin to fall in love with Shadow and choose him over Ryu (the Lucario), which means Luna would get a new Pokemon, you could explain evolution as a sort of rite of passage, and the love story could add a rift between Winter and Shadow (which could be good for arguments and such). Plus, if you don't have a name picked out already, I think the Eevee's name should be something along the lines of "Moon" or "Dawn" (I like Dawn a lot).
5/24/2014 c15 Luckywhisker
Well, you can't forget to have Mike and Ryu meet, but I say you introduce the major antagonist. They (the group) could go to some town and "Team Something-or-another" could capture Winter and Ash and hold them in exchange for Ryu. It would really test Luna and the rest of her team's loyalty to Ryu. Plus, you could see Shadow and Fly and all of them fight (because you haven't used them in tournaments or anything). I would advise against having them go to another tournament, gym battle, etc.
Of course, it's your choice. Whatever you choose, I know it'll be great!
5/23/2014 c15 3TheFrostedFox
First of all, yes. Much better. All is forgiven and I still love this story. The chapter still feels a little forced, but you'll get there!
Second, try to feel and think what each of your characters think. If you were Luna, what would you do after a tournament? If I were Luna, I would hold a party to celebrate a great tournament, even if I lost. Especially if I lost. I imagine Ryu and Winter would sneak off on their own at some point to be together. If Ryu the Lucario came to visit with his crush, I could see Shadow getting into an argument on what the shiny Eevee should evolve into, insisting that Umbreon was the way to go.
And stuff like that. Let your characters decide what happens! It's great fun.
Third, I still think longer, less frequent chapters will work better than daily chapters. I want to explore this world of yours in greater detail, even if it's not every day.
5/23/2014 c15 30NRMania
Much better my good fox! Now for the idea's I have this bag full of em, they might not match your story but I will find some that might
*Pulls out large sack and starts rummaging through it*
lets see here... Oh yes! "Meet another legend." Thats a good one, many ways that could end up going.
Heres another! "Find Celebi and travel through time to see the past of characters." Hmmm not a bad one here either.
Those are just a few ideas in my mind bag. Most probably won't fit your story so I won't tell you them but these ones are pretty good ones anyway are they not?
Riley, *insert list* ect.
5/22/2014 c15 25CloudSkylark18
great can't wait until the next chapter comes out
5/22/2014 c14 PokeKing
It's fine ArcticFox, i don't hate this story xD. Hehe, maybe that chapter made me cry a little, and a Winter x Ryu chapter would make me feel better haha. I've been hoping for another one since the first one. Hope you calm down and get unstressed :).

Disclaimer: Everything after this is sort of property of ArcticFox PLEASE DON'T SUE ME!
PokeKing OUT!
5/22/2014 c1 Luckywhisker
Sorry about this, but I was dying to ask: Brightcloud something-or-another, is your name after Warriors?
5/22/2014 c14 Luckywhisker
Don't beat yourself up like that. It honestly wasn't that bad. Sure . . . the battle was pretty short and . . . well, it spent a lot of time in the "locker room", but it wasn't that bad. I hope you get back to writing soon!
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