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for Pokemon: Shadowed Destiny

2/10/2016 c40 Guest
Ditto pubes
Wheezing evolves into queefing
Lickitung doesn't need a dick to f*** your ass
I pikachu when you're naked
In the Pokemon world Lucario is a pornstar
2/10/2016 c40 10KeyBlader Zen
Name: Poketek Ocuglass

Program 1: AoE Generator
Use: Gives a rough estimate of the Area of Effect a pokemon move will have by the energy emitted from the pokemon and the current trajectory of the said move
2/9/2016 c40 3Angel of Victory
An app that lets you see inside the pokeballs
2/9/2016 c40 4NinjaLayor
'Eyo, NinjaLayor here. While I feel like others would have better ideas, I feel like that this could present a rather interesting legendary grouping, however, I'm posting it for everyone to build off of. Rather than a totally new species, the legendary would be a penultimate version of a Pokemon, who has more or less ascended to legendary status through some sort of means, like gaining the divine favor of Arceus or the like. Of course, that could easily be the backstory of the legendaries, and they have, over the course of eons, changed to their current legendary appearance, typing, and move pools, but that's for those taking the time to make the legendaries.

Other than what is above, I'm going to keep it brief, but I'm getting excited for what may come to be, in the upcoming arc. Keep on writing, Arctic Fox!
12/9/2015 c39 Guest
I don't blame you for not updating, ever since I got the new halo and battlefront, I get a standing ovation for leaving the basement XD
11/30/2015 c39 21TheHappyTyranid
Anyways, you did have a few spelling errors, but that's all I can find.
Plus, Ideas as far as me? The best I can come up with is Immeruna. (Im-er-u-na) It's a play off of Decus immortalibus, which means Immortal Beauty.
11/5/2015 c38 2CPU Lyrica
hey dood! im back :) how long has it been? anyway, i just caught up by reading chapters 1-38, here ate my notes: first off, im sure prof, birch's fav trainer would be his own daughter. secondly, i loved how the genesect came in out of nowhere and started insulting the absol. also, that genesect is basically a pokemon version of iron man :) also.. right when shadow ticked off light, jb's "sorry" came on the radio. lol. last point is that when ryu cursed at the tainted absol, in my mi d i was like "OOOOOHHHHH" (you know what i mean) final note: your my fav author and this is one of the best stories i've ever read. keep up the good work :D
11/1/2015 c1 Guest
10/28/2015 c38 Guest
10/28/2015 c38 Guest
You should have a ghost with Gengar, Dusknoir, dusklops, and hunter
10/26/2015 c38 Firestar
Please the story, it's amazing! From Firestar
10/14/2015 c38 6Xenolis
Alamora is now open
9/24/2015 c17 Guest
Oh my Arceus that killed me
9/18/2015 c1 53WyldClaw
what did mew to to ryu?
9/12/2015 c38 2Xenolis 2
Cool new region new legendiars that hve slept befor the universe was created
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