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for Pokemon: Shadowed Destiny

6/18/2015 c36 SBgreen
6/18/2015 c25 SBgreen
Oh wow..halo reference.
5/26/2015 c36 3Adamfics
This arc really was emotional and all But the ending seemed rushed. 7.9/10
5/16/2015 c36 PokeGamma54
So, this sorry had not ended? Almost every chapter made me smile!
5/13/2015 c36 5Coolstar422
BOOM, Love ya new chapter. I can understand how the arc was getting on your nerves, I just started posting stories and stuff, and they're missing me off. xD Ya did great! I was the first one to read it, I got the email at 33 it's now 53 only cause I had to do something but I'm the first one to read it! Yesss. Anyways I'm rambling again heh, see ya later! Ciao~
4/16/2015 c33 3Adamfics
This story needs to continue! XD
4/4/2015 c35 1Arkraiththeepicbrony
Oh sht! Lol amazing story brah! Write more of it
4/4/2015 c17 Arkraiththeepicbrony
Nami... aS in league of legends?
4/4/2015 c15 Arkraiththeepicbrony
4/3/2015 c7 Arkraiththeepicbrony
Omg what a close call *he said VERY sarcasticly*
3/17/2015 c35 1InsaneEntity
When are you coming out with more of this fix its too good to end unfinished?
3/16/2015 c26 1The great guest
What is p style"text-align: center;"strong?
3/15/2015 c8 The great guest
If you are writing from someone's POV you don't use their name. You say I.
3/15/2015 c35 2Noskillsy
Noe, Luna's team. Oh thats right, I'm sorry for people who probably don't want spoilers(don't read this review) that there was apparently a few ways to get them back. Maybe like, uhh, memories or love? Something like that. Well, Im finally up to date! It'll be a while until I find that another chapter has been published, so I'll wait by crying in the corner cause theres nothing else to do.
From the one and only, not known at all,
3/15/2015 c35 5Coolstar422
Just one word... why?
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