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4/14/2016 c17 justyoureverydaywanderer
i love it! can you make more pls cuz i like it very very very very much !
2/14/2016 c2 3AnimeExManga
pretty sure this story is over, but i just want to point something out, Bill says it doesn't work on those of the Cipher wheel, soooo since Gideon is on the wheel... it shouldn't work on him (and the bill as his "advisor" would take over) no? no one else caught that? just seems like something bill would do. Probably just reading too much into it XD (superb story tho)
1/24/2016 c10 Seahorse111
Dipper's new nickname is now Pie Dipper.
10/26/2015 c17 glassesgirl.kg
Please continue
Please continue
Please continue
Please continue
Please continue
Please continue
7/27/2015 c17 fallre12
love it please do another chapter
7/5/2015 c17 MabelDipperTails
6/27/2015 c17 Sparklesona
I just wanted to say this story is absolutely amazing can you please continue it? I'm dying to know what happens next!
6/22/2015 c17 Captin Rainbow s
More gosh dangit you can't just stop and make me find you so you can finish it oops a little to harsh maybe but plzz finish
5/27/2015 c17 Guest
Please continue the story and hopefully it will end with Mabill.
4/9/2015 c17 anonymous1201
Oh man! What a cliffie! Update soon and go to truelifedotorg
4/2/2015 c17 bryanne
I know it is a little late but could you pease write one more chapter
3/10/2015 c17 bryanne
Could you please finish the story
3/9/2015 c1 Guest
Have you read where are you dipper because thats what this sounds like
2/12/2015 c17 9MidnightPhantom84
This is really good hope u keep writing it
12/14/2014 c17 catspats31
While the story looks interesting so far, please refrain from using a variation of "I suck at summaries" on the summary of your story. Try to write a better one that actually summarises the story as a whole. Keep this quote in mind if you try to use a variation of "I suck at summaries" on your summary:
"If you can't write a decent summary, how the hell am I supposed to expect you to write a decent fanfic? Geez, at least if there's no summary at all, that way I can assume you're just lazy."
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