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for Pain

7/11/2014 c15 7Maragret
OMG PLZ write more I luvs it! 3
7/10/2014 c15 Mickey12Boo
Deamon its Demon
6/26/2014 c15 1deactivated467589
Ooooooohhh dear. Shiz-cakes! Why does Gideon always show up at the worst possible time?! Loved the chapter, but why another cliff-hanger?! Or should I say- *puts on sunglasses* Tree-hanger. *walks away in slow-motion with explosion behind me* Update soon!
6/25/2014 c15 Alisi Thorndyke
Since I reviewed chapter 15 already, I have to review this one as guest. :)

So Gideon came looking for them. What no eating a turkey leg or ice cream sandwich along the way? Big behind lol!

Great job as usual :)

Alisi Thorndyke :)
6/25/2014 c15 9PrincessWilla101
ooohhh sweet! Keep writing!
6/24/2014 c14 11Anibelli
awesome story, update soon!
6/16/2014 c14 laura1234
This is one of the best stories ever.I love your stories .amazing
6/14/2014 c15 199griffon
6/14/2014 c15 7Blind-Eyephone
6/14/2014 c15 46Alisi Thorndyke
Thanks for letting us know! :)

Send this in a PM to me so I can announce this on my DA when I get home! :) I'm with my boyfriend at the beach right now :)
6/13/2014 c14 Guest
This was probably my favorite chapter of all. It was the most spirited, funny, and creative. I laughed hard when you brought up all the "Mulan" references. I just thought it was kinda dumb when Mabel did karate. Overall, this is probably your most popular chapter.
6/11/2014 c14 1deactivated467589
Ha! Mulan references! Love that movie. Lookjs like "Mushuu" has a long way to go with training "Mulan". ;) Loved this chapter! Update soon!
6/11/2014 c14 199griffon
Bill, we've been over this, you can't become a Minecraft ultimate unless you understand: you must continuously punch the tree! Even this noob guy understands! "Heeeey! ;3" He's getting kicked by the way. I AM HEROBRINE!
6/10/2014 c14 46Alisi Thorndyke
This chapter was pretty funny :) Great job girly :)

Alisi Thorndyke :)
6/10/2014 c13 199griffon
Derp Derp LOL!
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