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7/9/2020 c8 Jessa88
i hope that you come back and finish this story
7/8/2018 c8 Milton
Please continue the story. It's great
1/13/2018 c1 1Koruku
Will you be updating soon? Please update! I love this story >~<
11/18/2017 c8 bernadetteburns
when are you updating this? i want to find out what happens next!
4/13/2017 c8 SineadThePotterhead666
Wow this story is so good, I really hope it's not abandoned and that you continue it soon. While I'm obviously saddened by Felicity's past, I love that she has one that isn't just he father leaving and the whole Cooper thing. And even though I love Oliver, I love how you've portrayed him in this and Felicity's relationship with the rest of the team plus Thea and Lyla. Really really hope you come back to this fic.
4/7/2017 c8 7bigfan22
Damn shame this fic hasn't been updated in so long. I really hope one day your muse for this fic will come back to you. Great job!
2/17/2017 c8 Terressa Hicks
Please get back to the story as fast as you can. I am loving this story one of my favorites
8/12/2016 c8 ssue72
hi loving the story when will you be updating?
1/30/2016 c8 charmedfreak3b
um okay this story is amazing and i would really really really really really love to know what happens next, i hope you havent abandoned it
1/20/2016 c8 2tdgal15
More, please. I am very vested now. lol
11/9/2015 c8 Anushka
Hi ,
I simply love your story and iv read it a hundred times over ... Pls continue and update it and give it a happy ending ... A really romantic ending ...
8/3/2015 c8 4asasasssss
It is really good! Please update? xx
7/11/2015 c8 canadice
6/23/2015 c8 LadyBugQueen421
Well I hope you update soon!
6/9/2015 c8 wazo29
Amazing story! Have just devoured the whole thing in one sitting! Fantastic writing. Many thanks for sharing and working so hard on it. X
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