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for Shattered Wings

6/18/2020 c37 41daystory
Thank you so much for bringing this wonderful fic to life. :)
6/18/2020 c36 41daystory
Re: Your apology, for me it never really was about Aizen. It was about the psychological drama within and between characters, and Aizen was merely the villain in the background. I'm glad you chose not to draw the "final confrontation" out.
6/18/2020 c35 41daystory
I just want Hitsugaya to be happy and healthy... and stay that way :c
6/18/2020 c34 41daystory
Catharsis at last (at least, through talking). Love the quiet scene between Hitsugaya and Ukitake and the way you handled their dialogue .
6/18/2020 c33 41daystory
Right in the feels. Oh my gosh.
6/18/2020 c32 41daystory
The one and only... :D
6/18/2020 c31 41daystory
Please cry, Hitsugaya :( But I guess Hinamori-facilitated reiatsu therapy works too.
6/17/2020 c30 41daystory
(since there's only one review allowed per chapter) belated HYOURINMARU YES
6/17/2020 c29 41daystory
Scrolled all the way down to say Concussion Count: Too Many
6/17/2020 c26 41daystory
Hyourinmaru please save him ahhh
6/17/2020 c25 41daystory
I like that we're not railroaded into an over-long training montage, even though power is important.
6/17/2020 c20 41daystory
Love love Byakuya in this one.
6/17/2020 c19 41daystory
Was hoping Hyourinmaru comes back this chapter due to the chapter title. Alas.
6/17/2020 c14 41daystory
Still loving how you've taken a familiar world & cast and, especially with this fleshing out of Rukongai, really made this story your own. :)
6/12/2020 c37 Guest
What an awesome story and journey
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