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for Son of the Seven Kingdoms

7/23 c26 dlowe2651
fucking awesome update again soon
7/18 c26 Nameless One
I'm still constantly coming back hoping for more.
5/8 c8 Boomshanka
Smiling Knight, not Laughing Knight was the Gregor Clegane of his generation.
5/8 c1 Boomshanka
It's nice that Aedra are the old gods of the North.
4/30 c26 8ZenJack
Sad that this appears abandoned. I enjoyed reading it.
4/28 c7 ZenJack
Haha! Mama wolf doing damage. Love it.
4/19 c26 bloodline 69
Update soon
4/18 c26 bloodline 69
Are you going to update more chapters soon I can’t wait for the next update
2/25 c26 1Stormheart17
pls update this masterpiece
2/20 c26 ImmortalShadyMerchant
I think daenerys targaryen should go back to essos and establish a dynasty there her family has already caused enough pain in Westeros it’s time for another dynasty to take the lead and bring prosperity
2/2 c26 166buttercup99
So good please update
1/24 c26 gentryandrew2000
Hey I love your stories man I hope you make more chapters of this and it's been four years and there's a lot of things you can make for the rest of the seasons of your story right here you just hoping you make more cuz it wants to know how the story ends when the good guys win
1/19 c26 kuroRyuKage
Awesome story well blended between elder scrolls lore and Game of thrones hope to see you finish the story
1/18 c10 Artimuos Sen
Nice story, shame it is dead now.
10/21/2020 c26 Guest
How can you write this enthralling saga, and leave us without an update for 3 years
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