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for Unknown Family Secrets (I'll probably switch the title later on)

4/17/2015 c8 SkaterGirl
Love it! Hey I got an idea what if you bring in a boy who has spy skills and he's being trained but he and Madison don't like each other at fist so it's like figth that ends with an almost kiss his name is Cole Jameson!?
1/14/2015 c7 Me
I love it! Please please please write more!
1/14/2015 c2 Me
Alright! Madison is home schooled! Go homeschoolers!
12/7/2014 c3 Guest
OMG- I love imagine Dragons too!
12/6/2014 c6 sailorraven34
Can't wait for more : )
10/18/2014 c5 3Marmite-1
I think that this is a really good start to a great story. Can't wait to read more once your school work has calmed down!
6/22/2014 c4 14Rainbor123
Wow, Clint has no subtlety...
5/27/2014 c3 Guest
Lots of mystery means lots of reveals to follow! Keep it up!
5/26/2014 c3 Rainbor123
It seems like a really cool beginning! I hope you update soon!
5/14/2014 c2 4AvengerOfFiction
Oh, please write more. Btw is hawkeye going to be the dad? because that would be awesome.
5/14/2014 c2 silent song of shadows
Sounds interesting so far. Looking forward to seeing where you go with this.


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