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for derek meets the president

3/28/2017 c1 Guest
When will you update this story? Plaesee update
6/17/2016 c5 Guest
Next chapter pleas!
3/23/2015 c5 siobhan.gregory
love this story. 2 of my fave shows
8/24/2014 c5 jennkyle
What a great chapter poor liv can't wait to see what happens next great job once again tell next time
8/23/2014 c4 olivia
i love love the story please add some more chapters
8/22/2014 c4 jennkyle
I just loved it I was excited when I seen the update great job once again can't wait for more
8/22/2014 c4 4alexatm
I really like this, please update soon!
7/18/2014 c3 11Musesofthemind
Ohhh man, just found this story and I like it. Poor Fitz :( hope he's okay.
7/5/2014 c3 14Kz4
Oh gosh!
I wasn't expecting this! Poor Fitz
Looking forward to seeing more of Derek,
7/3/2014 c3 jennkyle
Oh crap I hope he will be ok at least they are in Seattle with Derek Mr McDreamy can work on him great job once again can't wait to see what happens next please oh please update soon
7/3/2014 c3 scandalfan8
YESSS! I'm sooo excited...not about Fitz getting hurt but I think we are gonna have a little Grey-Sloan Memorial/Fitz action.
6/28/2014 c2 Kz4
This is great!
Love the parallels Olitz and MerDer!
The candle scene marking the different rooms is one of my favorites!
6/15/2014 c2 25KWsGladiator
I love this chapter. The parallels between MerDer and Olitz when placed so closely together actually gives hope. If one pays attention to the MerDer storyline, one could believe Olitz may actually have their happily ever after, well as happy as SR can make it considering the Grey's finale. Great update.
6/15/2014 c1 KWsGladiator
McDreamy and S. A. P. (sexy ass POTUS) I am all here for this story. I love how you're skirting around the whole Cyrus/Sally/Merideth's parents issue. Can't wait to read more.
6/14/2014 c2 Amanda J
Keep writing, I want to see where this goes.
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