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5/15/2020 c17 Tofu9162
Dude this was such a good ending to a good fic! Worth the angst for sure lol. And Caroline woke up and they reconnected and Gail and Holly getting closer and then finally married only to lead to the Best Part - coming full circle, with the same situation/start as to how they met and I absolutely love when things come around full circle. Possibly one of my fav types of stories. So thank you for coming back and finishing this even after the time gap. And also, dude are you an earper too?! :D it seems too much of a coincidence that Gail said one of Waverly’s lines but but idk - “I'm a planner, you know? I like to know what I'm doing three, four days in advance.“

Anyway, sorry these are always so long. I hope you’re doing good despite the chaos out there in the world right now. And thanks again for coming back to this :)
5/15/2020 c16 Tofu9162
Ok I know it’s been forever since you’ve posted this but you said you were moving and also got engaged so a very late “congrats!” And double congrats if the marriage already started lol.

I love the tattoo and how it’s tied to the memory of that day they spent together. Something that both has meaning for Holly already and also a meaning between the two of them. Something just for them. And SEE?! I KNEW THERE WAS MORE ANGST COMING AT ME! Ahahaha you almost had me fooled with them getting back together and opening up and Holly moving there but I knew it seemed too good to be true!
5/14/2020 c15 Tofu9162
Dude if Gail leaves again I’m yeeting my phone out of my window lol. I don’t think she will, but you’ve been enjoying playing with my feels the other chapters so who knows lol. But Gail is definitely right about one thing...they definitely are like magnets and never really stood a chance lol
5/14/2020 c14 Tofu9162
Ughhhh I feels even worse for poor Caroline after hearing her dad go off, but I’m so so glad Gail stood up to him. Lol the poor confused security guard though! And I loved the Traci/Gail lunch conversation. And omgosh Gail’s mom had to have heard her and in her own way just eased all of Gail’s worries and basically told her she’s not homophobic like their long time now ex-friend.

I also totally forgot to add this in the last chapter’s comment, about how much I loved this line (pasted at the bottom) because it’s sooo true, at least in my experience. Once I was ready and done fighting myself, I was able to tell other people. Of course it wasn’t easy, but I was better able to handle the fallout of people knowing. So thank you for putting that feeling into words.

"Sometimes it isn't about the other person, sometimes it's about you. You have to battle you, before you can think about battling or not battling someone else."
5/14/2020 c13 Tofu9162
Gail and Holly are so cute and is this gonna be a slow burn now? You’re gonna make me suffer, aren’t you? :P poor Caroline, not even just her own trauma but losing her gf too. I’m glad Gail is there for her. And LOL at not knowing if they maybe went on a few dates without even knowing. I’m wondering if she ignored Gail because she realized she had a crush on her or something and panicked? Or tried to distance herself until she could accept it and went to explain things to Gail but Gail walked away? Idk but I’m loving that I can binge this and not have to wait lol
5/14/2020 c12 Tofu9162
Lol Maya really was a horrible liar but I’m glad Traci was there and able to help Gail out. And Holly making a new yet familiar entrance! And “friends”, sure lol
5/14/2020 c11 Tofu9162
I think this is where I left off before? I don’t know but either way I’ve been reading this over again and it’s still as heartbreakingly angsty as before lol. But sheesh you can feel Gail’s broken heart and her longing for Holly. I love Arnie so much and I hope he gets a happy ending too, especially with having to deal with all the homophobia around him. At least Gail and Arnie have each other. And Maya! If it wasn’t for Holly, I’d be rooting for them because that was cute and they definitely had chemistry. But she’s no Holly lol. So hopefully Maya finds a Gail of her own
5/9/2020 c17 SK
Beautiful! Thank you so much
4/9/2020 c17 Gemsey22
Whoopie. Great to have you back. What a chapter. Please write more stories. Great story.
4/5/2020 c17 2Matiky
mcgillicuddy got me to chuckle, lol. thanks for finishing this one w/ the happy ending and all!
4/1/2020 c17 Sadako Mcfly
I’m SO glad to have fallen into your stories! So, so glad! They are fun, they are sexy, they are well written. Thank thank thank you for all of them. And for this last chapter too!
4/1/2020 c17 3Athingor3
I reread this whole thing, and let me tell you, with a toddler in the house that was no small feat. But I didn't want to cheat myself because, as you know, this is my absolute favorite. I had forgotten just how fantastic this is. (Admittedly, I haven't reread it in about a year because I just have not had the time.) The characterization for both of them is spot on for me, especially Gail as we spend more time in her head than Holly's. There were still parts that made my heart stutter, both in good and bad ways.
The beginning at the conference was just so perfect, so perfectly them, and the mystery added the risk and suspense. You just write them so beautifully. It's always like Christmas when we get new pages. The ending was worth waiting 6 years for it and that's the best compliment I can give you. Thank you thank you so much for sharing this gift with us!
3/29/2020 c17 denyana
Very nice story. I only wish it would have lasted longer to tell us more about their marriage.
3/29/2020 c17 ald2106
Wow. Thank you for finishing this. I remember looking forward to you updating for so long that I though you had forgotten about this. So... wonderful surprise here.
How I miss reading fanfics about Gail and Holly.
Anyhow, stay safe, and happy writing.
3/29/2020 c17 Guest
Thanks for the last and final chapter. I enjoyed reading it years ago and re reading it now. Thankyou for finishing it.
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