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for The demon's princess

10/2/2016 c14 Me
Can you continue this? Please?
5/1/2016 c4 Guest
Blackfires' name is not Kariand'r it's Commandr'
11/25/2014 c13 36CorinnetheAnime
Just read the whole thing. I give you kudos for the original plot, pairing, action and not too many grammatical mistakes ( just paragraph and capitalization issues, that's all.) Overall, you did really well for your first fanfiction story.

However, there is one thing I really resented: LANGUAGE! Oh man, the language always sets me off. I also skipped over the sexual content, thanks for the warning. :)

Over than that, great first story! I'll give you a cookie! (hands cookie)
11/19/2014 c13 4was86ty
This chapter gave me so many feels man. so much emotional trauma oh my god...damnit black fire whyyyyyy. I love the warnings you gave before the "sexual content" though. XD I must have more!
10/17/2014 c1 3Kyd Wykyd
Please update soon, I love your story! It's zoo good!
7/22/2014 c4 2Nic Coay
Good story. Like the pairing. Though Blackfire's name is Komand'r.
7/15/2014 c11 4was86ty
This chapter though... I love it! The dark twisted sister hatred and the"I don't love you" thing... It's so beautiful!
6/28/2014 c10 Stable Mable
As per demand here I am. I'm impressed that you're keeping everyone In Character on top of your own conclusions, and I could tell from our chats that you did your homework about the series and characters involved. You know my opinion on your spelling so I won't bore you with that, meaning all that's left is the plot. Events are more or less linear, which is the better option for short or character-focused stories, but the pace is a little slow and I think you wrote yourself into a dead end. Maybe expand a little on Blackfire's feelings after fighting her sister and nearly losing her crush ;), cuz character development makes the world go round. You ended 10 on a very mellow, romantic note, so how about a short jump of a week to let everyone get better acquainted? With a situation this atypical you have a job ahead of you, so best of luck. :) SPELLING
6/23/2014 c10 HugObsessedBear
Finally caught up again :D not use 2 reading and voting for the villains :p I see why u saw no need 4 modesty when u were writing ch.10 *thumbs up* be sure to keep at it :D
6/18/2014 c7 4was86ty
I think the best part here was the "he smiled as i he had just cracked the Davinci code" bit. Great story so far puddin! Just, just, don't hurt Blackfire! :O
6/18/2014 c6 4was86ty
hehe he really does have a cute butt ;D
5/21/2014 c3 Guest
Hey Liam :D as requested, I'm reviewing. Mistakes here and there, but over all it's well written :) u describe fights pretty well and often include ur own humour, which I can appreciate. What good is a fanfic if it completely lacked humour? I don't know these characters well, but I know of the show and I like what u've written so far. Look 4ward 2 reading more. Oh, and if I may vote, I'd go with Jinx
5/21/2014 c4 HugObsessedBear
Now that my phone will LET me review... Hi Liam :D I like the story line so far and how you describe your battles. I also enjoy the humour u add. What's a good fanfic if there's no humour? :p anyway, if my vote does count, I'd pick Jinx. Look forward to reading more
5/18/2014 c3 engineercross
Should make SeeMores gal Kole, got pink hair so why not. Even though shes kinda Jerichos.
5/18/2014 c1 engineercross
This is awesome so far, always loved Kyd Wykkyd. Please keep going.
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