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for The demon's princess

5/16/2014 c1 Stable Mable
So far, kudos for having a plausible background and enough insight to expand on a minor character (or is he more of a background accessory in the show?). The fight wasn't totally one-sided so I'm happy: the odd bouts of tactical idiocy on Kyd Wykkd's part make up for him getting a little cocky. You might be able to lower the rating depending on what you decide to do, but T is fine for now. Curious to see how a love story would play out between a manipulative princess and an abnormally chill half-demon, so I'll be keeping an eye open. It's too early for me to properly comment on the story itself fairly, so I'll be gentle now, but I still have one problem. Spellcheck wants to be your friend Liam, it won't bite.
5/15/2014 c1 4was86ty
OKAY. The fact that this is Teen Titans is awesome! I like it!
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