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6/10 c43 MrsScruffyNerfherder
I really enjoyed this story. So different from typical Han/Leia stuff (which I also love)!
5/5 c1 22knitzkampf
I remember this one! I forgot I knew it, so I'm looking forward to reacquainting myself with it
5/4 c43 57KnightedRogue
Thank you so much for sharing this story with us! It certainly feels like a rollercoaster, ups and downs and everything in between. I loved how daring you were on this story, allowing Han and Leia to make mistakes and be human in the ugliest ways possible, but we learn MORE about these characters when they fail than when they are perfect. I binged this story in one day off from work; I was hooked, yelling at my phone like a crazy person. I don’t often get to do that anymore, and I have to thank you for giving me that feeling again! Thank you!
4/27 c43 Hogglespike
Uncle Luke! A nice circle back to the role of fathers in this story- with even Leia choosing the same formal role as hers. A sweet epilogue to a tale well told!
4/27 c43 2cassandane
Aw that was a great epilogue! Thanks for adding this. Looking forward to your next project!
4/27 c43 35DarthKoalaBear
Sweet ending! Thank you SO MUCh and I can't wait for another story from you!
4/26 c42 Nangijala
Cute! What a sweet happy end! :-)
4/26 c42 Hogglespike
I'm here every day of the week for a happy ending and this didn't dissapoint! A hopeful and happy place to finish this story arc, especially after the initial turmoil for our favourite couple. However the great joy is in seeing a story completed after such a long time. This was always one I re-read and lamented was not finished, it lingered in my mind as a bittersweet 'but what happened next?'! So thank you SIGOAP for coming back, answering that question so wonderfully and sharing your time and effort so generously. It is hugely appreciated!
4/25 c42 MrsScruffyNerfherder
I'm so happy!

Oh, please, yes, an Epilogue!
4/24 c42 Guest
Hip Hip Hooray for Happy Endings! Thank you for your lovely 's some good stuff right there.
4/24 c42 Guest
Love that ending! Hope you write an epilogue.
4/24 c42 DarthKoalaBear
Awwwww. What an ending! I love it! Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to write such a lovely H/L story for all of us that will forever remain Han /Leia fans. *applause*
4/24 c42 RodianGuest
I love your gumbo! It is completly to my liking and I would have another helping, too. Thanks for your beautiful work and for finishing that compelling story!
4/24 c42 2cassandane
I enjoyed this world you created and grateful for the happy ending! Thank you and hope we see more!
4/23 c40 MrsScruffyNerfherder
wow, 1 year later? that's rough.

I adore all of the names Eliza came up with! perfect!

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