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for Light Up The Sky: The 30th Hunger Games

6/17/2014 c3 31li'l fat necrosis
Okay Kevy, I'm here to review. -_- No more filling my Skype messages with sad emotions okay. I nearly cried because it was so sad. That was a confusing sentence, but whatever. I think you got it. The writing was beautiful as always, so well written and nicely worded. I like this chapter as Sienna's boyfriend is in the chaper. ;DD See, even Choi said they need to get together. C'mon Kevy, you know you want too... ;DD

"Must be from all the couch sex." Got to love this Victor. She's so self absord that I can't help but smile and love the girl. I want more of this girl, okay. I need more of her. I love the tributes also. Both of 'em are so adorable. Laela's a brat who cannot seem less lovable. Poor twelve-year old though. Hope she didn't get hit too hard. Mwhaha. Loved it though. Xander is lovely too. So sassy. I love my sassy tributes very much and he's so perfect. These two are going to be my favorite this year. Watch the potty mouth though Xander. There are babies here.

AWWWWWW! She's so motherly and perfect. Ugh. No this poor woman. I love her. Go Kyrnne! Didn't butcher her name, nope, nope. She's so fiesty and I want her to live long and not die in the BB because of her reaction. Biting isn't good though, Krynne. That Capitol isn't that kinky that I know of. Poor Sullivan though. I'm slightly supporting the two here, I need to see them more before I make my full confession of loving these two.

I have zero opinion of District Nine. I'm not a fan of the either so... The Escort isn't that good either. He sounds like he's from some silly children's movie; so evil and vile-ish. And this line, "ready to slap some sense into this whore." Can we burn him? Really. I really, really, really hate this guy. I hope he falls off the stage and dies. Or whatever. A slow painful death is what I request, dear boy. Please and thank you.

I don't like Memrie or who ever you spell her name. I still have no idea how to pronounce it and going back up and looking how to spell it takes too much time and effort. Ma. I'm not a fan of the Peacekeeper either. Clark seems nice and all, the kids cute too, but I'm just no clicking with them. Kyung is adorable though. Sees the Games as an escape? Ooh. A bit naive of him, but I like it. Better then him crying.


Kyung (biased.), the D2 tributes, and Krynne.

All lovely.
6/17/2014 c2 1tear that cherry out
oh hi

Pstika: This name is a big. fat. obese. huge. massive. no. no. and. no. (lel) Pstika is horrendous, like I don't even have any words for how bad it is. Bad is an understatement... Crest dulls down the paim slightly but not enough to make me like his first name. Pstika... Siteeka. I don't care about how many times you explained how it is pronounced, I will never ever like thid name. Stickahhhhhh! And his picture is eh, but the tattoo on his arm is distracting, and not in a good way. Things like that just ruin the picture for me, so yeah that doesn't help in any way. His strengths and weaknesses are okay, and I might be able to tolerate him in the future, but that name will always be there ;_; Pstika... it's even hard to type. Hard to say. Hard to look at.

Ceira: Villain loooool Teddy wow. I like Ceira, I don't see anything wrong with it and it's quite nice to say. Villaine is awkward, I like it in a sense, but the fact it looks a lot like villain is distracting. But it's nice to say as well, so there's that. Her picture okay, not my favourite picture coming from Teddy (I like Temperance's, idk) but it's still District One-esque which is niceee. Her strengths and weaknesses are funny, and she seems like a character I'd end up liking later on in the story. Yeah.

Laela: Not a big fan of the name, because I'm usually biased against 'ae' names. They lack elegance and prettiness in my opinion, but yeah that's just me. And I'd much prefer Leila or even Leala, just not Laela. I'm unsure about Galis also, it just sounds like something that would come off the top of someone's head... Gallis might be a bit nicer, but that doesn't do much more for me. Her picture is hilarious, she looks like one of those people from Avatar with the weird noses and it's just amusing xD Anywho, her strengths amd weaknesses don't interest me, and I'm never really with the Merciless, Envious, Vindictive type of characters. As mentioned before by someone, I think Exuberant and Inexpressive do contradict a little bit. Tactician is becoming more and more overused, it was a nice strength to begin with but now it's just eh. I'll hold on to hope with Laela, though, but for now she's in dislike. It could go either way, depending on her portrayal.

Aldora: who dat

Sullivan: The first thing I got from this name was Sully Sullivan, as Jake said xD Sullivan is a great name, like it's quite normal but not boring in a sense. Durham is okay, and it goes well with Sullivan. Love his picture too, it's really stripped back from the glamorous or OTT type of pictures, and it gives off that vibe that his strengths and weaknesses are giving as well. Judging by his strengths and weaknesses, he'll probably be a favourite and I look forward to seeing him!

Kyrnne: The name is quite awkward, because I end up calling her Kryne and have to keep going back and fixing it, but it's nonetheless nice. Harper goes well with it also. Her picture is great too, another bitch who was on my list of faceclaims, but Chaos got there before me ._. She seems like a good character and none of her strengths and weaknesses contradict so that's good! She sounds like a good character also, and I'm sure I'll like her in the future.

Naomi: There's something about her I really like, and I don't know what it is. Love the name altogether, it's very simple and not pretentious or too stand-out. I WAS GOING TO USE THAT FC FFS THANKS A LOT FIN YOU WHORE. Even if I am unhappy about him stealing her, I can't deny it's a good pic. I can't be bothered to look at the blog for her strengths and weaknesses, I remember most of them and they seem like some good traits, so i look forward to seeing Naomi! She definitely seems interesting, so.

Sienna: Love the name Sienna, and even if Lapsus is quite strange I can't deny that I like it. Her FC is weird, but in a good way? But she's too far away, idk. And I don't like her pose with the dress, it looks like she is courtesying or something. Anyways I like Sienna ok bye.

Keighly: Yes. Great name, Keighly is really nice, though Lange I'm unsure of. But her FC is perfection, omfg. Ugh, like ;_; I want her face, she's so pretty. Her strengths and weaknesses are funny, kinda, because she seems dopey. Yeah I'm rushing but I do love Keighly, she most certainly seems interesting and I look forward to seeing her.

Memrie: Yes, the name, the FC, the stremgths and weaknesses. Yes. Memrie is so weird but so cool omfg it's perfect goodnight.

Love: Aldora (bias), Sullivan, Keighly, Memrie.
Like: Ceira, Xander, Caleb, Adrian, Kyrnne, Naomi, Zeph, Sienna, Briar.
Neutral: Evangeline, Porter, Chandler, Kyung.
Dislike: Laela, Rian, Sia, Leon, Dewey, Pomme.
Loathe: Pstika.

luv me
6/17/2014 c2 23symphorophilia
You know how lazy i am, bo. so let's get to this. i'll say a couple things for each tribute, then i'm done.

Pstika- why all the hate on this guy? he's unique, interesting, and i'm excited to see his personality. an unmotivated volunteer? i see a clash with the careers. i wonder, why did he volunteer if he's aimless...

Ceira- yay for cleavers! that's got to be one of my favourite weapons in existence (nobody knew this). also, liking that she's shrewd. should be interesting when it comes to interacting with others.

Xander- he sounds...jaded. being world-weary and self-critical, along with abrasive...they're some very interesting weaknesses, but i don't really like some of the strengths he has. however, Xander is a favourite.

Laela- oh man, unpredictable. it's no wonder she has the highest odds. unpredictable tributes are always some of the hardest to beat. inexpressive seems to contradict her strengths just a bit...? yeah.

Caleb- bowie knife! i love it. decisive and rational are very good strengths for a D3 tribute...opinionated always annoys me just a bit.

Evangeline- hate the name. however, i do like her strengths, once again, very good for a D3 tribute. she seems quite intelligent.

Adrian- conformist, eh? hm, hm...also, imitative? interesting...weapon's too generic, though. strengths are meh for me.

Aldora- self deprecating, but composed? no. they don't go together at all for me. charmless is great, though. i love charmless tributes!

Sullivan- ack another dagger! no. capricious and brusque are great though. strengths for a writer, makes me wonder if he's a writer in some way, or an artist? probably not, eh?

Krynne- histrionic! i love histrionic. hasty is interesting too.

Rian- another thick skinned. i like it more on his than on Laela, though. attached and overly-trusting? uh oh. he'll get betrayed, i'm sure. thermophobia is odd, I've never seen it as a weakness before or even a fear...the picture is a no, looks like he's going to hit me. :.:

Sia- well, she's a friends tribute, so i have to say i like her or i'll get killed. (don't really like her, though). melodramatic, naïve, dependent and insincere are all very annoying traits that, together, can kill a character, but since i don't know her personality yet, i'll reserve my judgement.

Porter- amiable goes with overly trusting well...strengths and weaknesses all look to complement each other, actually. i like.

Naomi- another obstinate tribute! i like her too. just for that. XD no, but her picture is great,weapon would be better for d12, but whatever, and oh my fxxx, she's courteous too...ally with Kyung, woman! XD

Zeph- curious and defensive are great for a thirteen year old. picture's nice. a thirteen year old with a switchblade?! lord save me.

Sienna- whoever said Sienna and Kyung would look good together (ie, Sienna's creator, but she keeps changing her name), was totally correct. you need to photoshop them together, bo, like seriously. -.- she's gorgeous and enough said. (since both creators want a pair up they better at least interact...) i like her strengths/weaknesses, they match up and are so realistic. weapon's nice too, don't think i've seen it before. creative to match her strength!

Chandler- like wth is with his weapon? no, bo. just no. submissive, hesitant and complacent make sense for a 12 year old, though. he's alright.

Briar- hate the faceclaim. traps are always good, though. :) introverted, isolated, panicky? some type of emotional trauma, i presume? maybe a family member?

Leon- a katana?! for D10?! no. way. in. hell. quarrelsome is a no. conspicuous could kill him. what the hell does transparent even mean? very creative, but right now, i don't like him.

Keighly- unreserved. adventuresome. do we have a thrill seeker here? i tend not to like tributes like her very much. sullen and uneducated are good, but weaknesses don't match strengths.

D10...will they redeem themselves? because right now, i dislike both.

Dewey- hell yeah! he's not white. the large ethnic split means it always irritates me to always see white D11 tributes. Dewey's nice too, but focused and aloof completely contradict each other. micro-manager is rad, though. like, i'm feeling it. also awkward! i'm awkward too! you're not alone, Dewey Decimal System! XD

Pomme- i love this little actress. maybe a spoiled kid? manipulative and snarky, very spoiled signs to me. makes sense she's white in D11 if she is rich. disrespectful...Pomme, we will never get along, but i think you'll be hilarious.

Kyung- my bae! D: i love what you've done with him, just wish you'd used some of the other weaknesses as the stuff you did use seems sort of perpendicular (that is to say, they aren't akin). but i'm so happy to see him, he looks amazing, the everything is amazing and i just can't, Bo. XD love my bias.
and since nobody knows what ikiwas are- they're like iwisas (short African clubs) but with spearheads.

Memrie- ah, she's interesting. also, since i already read the reaping, i love her. i don't think she'll get along with Kyung, though, they seem completely opposite each other. but i love her being optimistic and energetic. also, people pleaser. she's going to be a light one, most likely, and i'll be excited to see how she gets on with every other tribute, most of whom have a sullen or brutal quality.

that's it for now, Bo dearest. i'll be back! good luck, author-nim!
6/16/2014 c3 DomiHearts1497
Yay, Reaping chapters! Great job on the chapter, Bo! I'll put the order of POVs/Reactions that stood out to me...


Memrie (Genius, Bo!)

Can't wait for the next update!
6/16/2014 c1 DomiHearts1497
Interesting concept you have there, the courts and all. Also adding the Victors during the trial was exciting to read with their reactions and all. Poor Jon! Maybe this incident will affect the Games later on…
Blog: Great job on the blog, Bo! All the tributes look great and here are some of the tributes that stood out to me the most…

Pstika Crest: I won't go into depth on his name for that it's been criticized by everyone, I do however like how his appearance is different from the stereotyped blonde-haired, blue-eyed District.

Laela Galis: Highest Odds and WOC is a Lance?! She really looks fierce and will definitely be a force to reckon with in the Arena.

Adrian Clermont: I love his name, he also seems to be quite an interesting tribute who will give the Careers an interesting catalyst in their group…

Aldora Perrone: OMG her eyes! Photoshopped, (most likely) but still pretty! Also by looking at her s/w's her overall demeanor seems very secluded and quiet.

Sullivan Durham: Another great tribute of Jess's, his picture is perfect! His s/w's also stood out, excited to see more of him!

Chandler & Briar: Two 12 year olds! D: I hope the best for them, both seem like two underestimated contenders. (I also like their WOCs)

Keighly Lange: I love the variation of her name from 'Kylie'. Her s/w's also stand out.

Pomme Emerson: A very light skinned girl in this District, her s/w's didn't at all sit with me considering her age, but I guess we'll wait and see :/

Kyung Jang: Another interesting tribute in this District, I wonder how him and Memrie will get along…

Memrie Delano: Memrie! Thanks again for accepting her, her post looks great!

Love: Laela, Aldora, Sullivan, Memrie (bias)
Like: Ceira, Xander, Adrian, Krynne, Chandler, Briar, Keighly, Kyung
Neutral: Caleb, Evangeline, Rian, Porter, Naomi, Zeph, Sienna, Dewey
Dislike: Pstika, Sia, Leon,
Loathe: Pomme
6/16/2014 c2 DomiHearts1497
I really enjoyed Jon and his snippet, interesting way of starting an SYOT. You really brought out Jon's demons and such and it kept me very much in suspense as to see where this would go. Very intriguing and dark, I like ;) Your description really flowed nicely in the story and OMG your writing style! And your only 13?! You should consider becoming an author because you're awesome! :D
Excited for the start of this amazing story and thanks for accepting Memrie!
6/16/2014 c3 9Aspect of One
Okay, so I'm literally doing this review as I read so it's more of a commentary.

Cynthia is hilarious, good lord. "the chutzpah from Three or the delusional -and dead- idiot from Eleven". She's so self-important it's funny. From valiant warrior of Panem to valiant warrior of District Two. Show them, girl...woman! And couch sex. Just couch sex.
Damn, Laela. I hope you didn't crack that girl's skull open. Laela is really the typical career, what with her mini speech.
LOL Xander. "Move it, bitch."
Oh my god, you are brilliant. You wrote Xander brilliantly, Panda. I'll love to see Laela and Xander interact. It'll probably be fireworks.

Hey, I see an Ari!
What no, apologise Ari! Apologise! I'm pretty sure ravenously is used more for hunger instead of tapping fingers though. But oh my god ;A; Ari, you sound like you have PTSD. Well, I don't think so but that shutting out your children... I FEEL LIKE SLAPPING HER BUT I GET WHERE SHE'S COMING FROM TOO. UGH. Still, that's not really an excuse. Geh, what do I know. And Lucas is so cute omf ;A;
Actually no. Let me slap that escort.
Krynne's reaction was awesome. I think she might be bumped up to my like list for that but I want to see more of her before I really decide xD. Aww, poor Sullivan. But really, Sully? I like Sullivan's and Krynne's hug.

Perfect place / perfect people, unfortunately. Or Icarus' version of perfect. I like that you named him Icarus. I detest him (the Greek myth one) with a vengeance.
Just drop dead Icarus. No one will miss you. I'll stop here before I rant xD
Poor Briar, poor Chandler. I wish I could summon an ounce of sympathy for the two of you but I can't.

No commentary here ovo. I like Clark well enough though. I spotted a typo by the way xD. It has to do with a certain last name.
I like Memrie's reaction, but where did that boy come from? They're split by gender and there's an aisle between them so I don't think a boy would be able to reach there in time/even be there at all.

I'm gonna be biased right here and say Xander.
Laela too! I love what she did. I went wtf initially xD. What she did is also a pretty good character establishing moment though :3
Memrie stood out to me as well. Go, go marry that Peacekeeper! But I love how she tried to maintain her composure and only lost it when the cameras were off her. Hats off to her.

Cynthia. Couch sex and she's so hilarious, that is all.
6/13/2014 c3 RPSB
Helloooo I've got plans for the weekend so I wasn't gonna have time to leave my review later.

Cynthia was too full of herself for me, the egoistical bish, hell I don't even like capitolites that much but poor Cadevon. :( Laela's reaction stood out for me, pushing that poor girl, yeah it was brilliant. Never seen a tribute doing that. Xander was plain mean, there was no need to be like that. I wonder why he acted like that.

Ari: awww Luke is a sweetheart, the point of view of a teacher in the Hunger Games, interesting! I've never thought about it but it has to be so strange to come back to work on monday knowing one of your students have been sent to the Capitol as a compensation for a crime they didn't do. Krynne is awesome! She's so brave! She definitely stood out. Sullivan :( is he crying of anger and frustration or fear? I think the first although there might be some fear aswell.

Icarus: Well I can see all the resentment here, he's an elderly man and he's seen the Dark Days with his own eyes, probably in the Capitol it wasn't easy aswell, with the embargo of supplies from the districts and all. But he's too disgusting, I understand why he's like that, but there was no need to shout out loud to Briar that she's a bitch and she's gonna die.

Clark: As a person that comes from another district, I can see why he feels that way towards District 12, yeah life there is hard. I liked him a lot, and I guess he pictures in his head Gina being reaped and can feel sorry for those kids that get selected and finds it unfair. Wow, Memrie's reaction was awesome, she has balls. I will never like her surname though, in Spanish it sounds like "Memrie Ofanus" unfortunately for her. But I'll just focus on her name and forget about the surname. It is sad that Kyung saw his reaping as an escape from his horrible life. D12 is surely a very awful place to live in.

Tributes that stood out: Memrie, Krynne and Laela.

Favorite POV: Clark for the reasons above mentioned.

Have a good summer and see you in the next chapter!
6/12/2014 c3 9Atashi Desu
Oh yay, a new chapter! I've had a depressing day, and this made it slightly better!

It's super late, so I don't have time to leave a long detailed review like I normally would in a Reaping chapters, so I'll just be quick-like and answer the questions:

Of the eight tributes you showed, Laela (beating another girl down for the opportunity to volunteer!), Xander (I love his sassy remarks to the escort!), and Krynne (biting the peacekeepers! Go Krynne!) stood out the most to me. Showing only an outsider's view of their reaping doesn't usually give much insight into the characters themselves, but you did a good job of actually showing us a bit about each of them!

My favourite POV had to be Clark, the peacekeeper from Twelve. I loved his perspective and how he viewed everything, and I loved the rebelliousness of him (especially for a peacekeeper!)

All-in-all, I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter, and I look forward to seeing the rest! I usually don't like the third-person-perpectives for Reaping chapters, but you do such a fantastic job with them and use such interesting and dynamic characters for the POVs that I actually find myself liking this format (that may have seemed like a weird criticism or something, but I swear it's complement!).

Good job! I am anxiously awaiting further updates! I know you'll do a great job, and I know I'll enjoy every second of it!
6/11/2014 c3 10nevergone4ever
Pretty speedy update! Nice! :) The song is good too, that's a definite bonus. :D

Okay, which eight stood out to me? Let's see...

Laela the B****-Slapper xD It's like... 'Get away, you measly twelve-year-old?! Who cares that your family is dying of disease and all that crap? This is my time to shine!' Yeah... Laela's alright.

Xander- my prediction... might have been right? *-* A hardened realist, yeah, maybe. I like his sudden change of attitude... angry, then chatting it up with a Peacekeeper :)

Kyrnne- awh, she's a fighter. That's it. The bae is in the final eight for sure XD Seriously, though, I like her a lot and... She's a favorite, so yeah.

Sullivan- oh gawsh, here he comes... yeah, he's not going to be overlooked now, is he? The big bad boy who cried ;_; I feel for the guy a bit, though...

Briar- oh, Icarus, you freaking idiot. I bet he was that way when he was 12, just a sniveling little kid with no friends. Not that Briar is sniveling with no friends. I bet she's popular... now she's more popular than ever!

Chandler- applause, the Shepherd didn't cry! Not much here, but he's alright.

Memrie- I love her, okay, using the Peacekeeper like a groom she's marrying :D

Kyung- he didn't cry, that's a bonus! Why'd the nice escort lady say "Exotic?" that's a bit... unneeded...

Alright, so who stood out to me? Laela, Xander, Kyrnne, and Memrie. DONE DEAL DOT COM. :)

Favorite POV? Despite my loathing for him, Icarus. He was pretty interesting, plus I like D9 in general so yeah. Spitfires for the win.

Update soon! I can't wait to see the other tribs! :)
6/11/2014 c3 12jakey121
ugh bo don't hate me, as soon as my very last exam is over next thursday, I'll be back to reviewing this and every other story properly, with detailed pov by pov reviews. Right now though, I thought I'd just make a real quick list on who I liked pov wise, and tribute wise, sorry :/

From favourite to least favourite:

POV character:



(the above five were all great tributes from the reactions here, hard to rank really)

ugh this sucks but at least you get another set of opinions idk
6/11/2014 c3 8My-Mental-Mind
Hello again! This might be a long review, because I've just checked out your blog, so I can give semi thoughts on the tributes. But first...*ahem*

Cynthia seems almost regal in her manner, and her relationship with Cobble and Armia. The couch sex added a little humour into this piece, and I chuckled at that point. The District Two tributes are your typical arrogant bastards to be perfectly honest, and of course, they are bound to rack up a few kills.
Ari kind of shocked me to be honest. I mean, you care more for your class than for your own children? Rude! I really don't understand her. Why does the death of her husband cause her to become emotionally distant from her children? Surely Griffin and Lucas would have been happy and willing enough to help her get back on her feet? Overall, I don't like her that much. Of course, I understand that she's unhappy that the kids in her class are going into the Hunger Games, but seriously? She's a bit melodramatic for me.
Icarus is an ass. You'd expect an older man to be nicer and more wise, and although Icarus seems to have some intelligence, his actions as an escort are certainly out of order. He's horrible!
Clark seems a lot more likeable, especially with how he feels sorry for the children going into the Games. Was that a hint at a revolution I saw there?

Now, I've seen the blog, and read this chapter, so I'll just...

Pstika Crest: I hate the name. He sounds as if he's meant to be a royal or something, and I reckon he'll act just like that. His odds aren't great, and no offence to him, but he looks like he's a bit possessed. That makes me sound so horrible. Sorry! O.O
Ciera Villiane: Now it is Kiera or Siera...? I wonder how it is pronounced. Well, this name makes it fairly obvious that she's evil, because which good person would have "villian" in their name? She doesn't have great odds, but I think she looks a lot more evil than people are letting on.
Xander Lutz: He's a handsome young man, isn't he? That is sure to get him sponsors. Despite his good looks though, you can see a hint of evil in those eyes of his. No doubt, this can be seen at his reaping, where he just goes ahead and disrespects the escort. I think Xander will go far, but whether or not he wins depends on whether or not he can get over his arrogant streak and realise that he is not unbeatable.
Leala Galis: She's got that look in her eye that immediately makes you feel like you're a target. Her odds are brilliant, and her name rolls off the tongue. Her reaping also puts her in a good position. Her weapon choice is interesting. Now, I wonder how do you make a blog? If you don't mind, I'd love to create one for my next SYOT after I've done the first one.
Caleb Markland: he looks very determined, and he has an interesting weapon, but for some reason, I don't seem him surviving for too long. His name suggests that he has a few tricks though, so I'll see how this plays out. All 18 year olds so far.
Evangeline Tevant: She certainly has a forgettable face, and I doubt she's going anywhere. Although she's 18, her name sounds fragile, and she certainly looks it. But of course, looks aren't everything.
Adrian Clermont: His looks are getting him sponsors, but his weapon choice? I thought District Four tributes usually used tridents? This makes him a more interesting character. Maybe he won't go hand in hand with the careers this time around. His name is fairly standard and nothing interesting, but he's handsome, so the ladies will be hounding him at every turn, I expect.
Aldora Perrone: She looks very fragile and innocent. Truthfully, I don't like her very much - her name sounds rather bland and boring, and I have this feeling that she's not got much chance. Is it just me, or are all the tributes so far 18?
Sullivan Durham: This guy is a 'meh' option for me. Another forgettable face. He's 17, which is a change! There's not much I can really say about him. He seems a bit boring.

As for the other tributes, they'll have to wait! Apparently, I can't get service to the blog! It won't let me on it. I'll try again next chapter and finish off the other tributes for you. Sorry about that, my laptop won't let me go on it at the moment.

Anyway, a brilliant chapter with lots of vivid imagery. Well done!
6/10/2014 c2 31li'l fat necrosis
Hey yo my lovely Bo ready for your reviews? Yes? Good. ;p Okay so here it goes! Your writing is lovely, much better then the first chapter, no silly mistakes that I can see. And it's as emotional as all your other chapters, I feel so bad for the man. So much sympathy floating around

I'm going to do a list, three for each; Love, Like, Eh, Dislike and Die.


Laela Galis: I love her name, Laela sounds completely beautiful and has that awesome 'ae' thing to it. And Galis makes it even more beautiful, gotta love that it sounds so perfect together. Lay-la Gale-is! Laaaaaaeeeeee-laaaa Gaaaaaaaaa-liiiiiiiis Love it. I love her FC too, Alexina Graham is so perfect. Great pick on that, 'loes. Her strengths and weaknesses so awesome too. ;D Her chances are pretty good, eh? 5 to 1. Like the DIstrict 8 girl in the 74th Hunger Games odds! Ooooh! (Totally not biased.)

Porter Wayne: I find him extremely attractive, to be honest. Really attractive. To be honest, this is all I can come up with, otherwise he's rather average. (Ooh look, 15 to 1 odds. My love might survive!)

Kyung Jang: Siung for the win bitches! His name is so cool, I really like it. His photo is really nice also, so effing badass. He and Sienna would look so good together in this picture. (Hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink) His strengths and weakness are realistic to be honest, beautifully realistic which only makes me like the boy more! No idea what is weapon is though. Seriously, what is it? Did the creator have Kyung create a weapon for him? Is it like a mace or something? Something cool hopefully?


Memrie Delano: How the heck do ya pronounce her name? Mem-ree De-lano? Meem-rye Dee-la-no? Whatever, her name is now being switched to Memmy Delan. I like her face-claim, while a bit old looking for a sixteen-year old, but it looks so badass I can't help but love it. Her strengths and weaknesses are nice, different then what you usually see for a D12 gal. Love her though, curious to see how far she'll get with that switchblade and odds. ;)

Pomme Emerson: I smile at her name. Pomme is so cute sounding and I love it. She's going to be my favorite Little, I can just tell. Ahh, her picture is adorable. So sweet and innocent looking, but yet, something evil is in those dark blue eyes, lurking, hiding in wait until it's prey's walls are down. Otherwise, I want to dress her up and have tea parties with her, and then pretend she isn't burning her dollies when I'm not looking. I want to see more of her so bad right now!

Naomi Callahan: I like her okay Bo, I don't know why, I just do alright. She's going to be a cool character and I'm excited for her.


Everyone else, expect for Pstika and Briar. The pretty redheads are so pretty though.
6/10/2014 c3 5Vulkodlak
Wow, long chapter. Showing the Reapings from the POVs of completely unrelated characters is an interesting route to go. It doesn't give us much to work with, in terms of character background and whatnot, but that only makes the anticipation of getting to really get in these tributes' heads greater, so. And I do like the greater focus on appearances above intint that doing it this way shows. I like it
The D2 Victors and the D12 rebels stick out to me the most right now. They're kind of overshadowing the tributes right now, cause all I want is to figure out if/how they'll come into play later. Is the entire story going to be from outside povs? Is rebellion setup going to play into the plot? How is that going to be interwoven into the narrative of the games? Should I be remembering these names? Is there going to be a quiz?
I do think the D9 section is the weakest. Icarus is just too cartoonishly vile, I can't take him doesn't seem like a real person, he feels like a puppet intended to make me feel all the more sorry for the poor little younglings of D9. Which would be totally okay if it weren't so hamhanded. A litltle bit more subtlety with the dude would haven been nice, is what I'm saying.
6/10/2014 c3 2Call Me Fin
So apparently the only way to get me to review is to bribe me into it, so here I am three reviews in a row who am I I'm changing so much.

So yeah reapings here we go my favourite part -.-

District Two: Well unsurprisingly I love them both so far, Laela is sassy like any career female can be, and Xander appears to not give one single shit, so yes I like them.

Given the choice between the two, I'd choose Laela, because career female.

District Five:
aw Krynne bby literally I love you. She is great ok, I'm so happy to see she didn't just faint, or start bawling, she's a fighter which is excellent news for me.
Sullivan, I still have very little impression of him, but I'm assuming these two will be allies, since I guess they know each other?

I like Krynne better because she is bae.

District Nine:
Icarus who the shit do you think you are, they are little kids you twat. Not to see I don't like Briar and Chandler any less, but the mans a dick. But yah, neither of these tributes I like, and I guess both will die in the bb.

Between the two, I like Briar more, mostly because of her name tbh.

District Twelve:
Aw I like district twelve, which is surprising. Memrie and kyung both have something intriguing about them, and I really look forward to their POV's.

Instead of my favourite, I'll just rank them.

2) Laela
5) Kyung

Favourite POV? I believe it was Cynthia, District Two.

You're writing is great as always have a nice day.
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