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for Light Up The Sky: The 30th Hunger Games

1/25/2015 c19 10nevergone4ever
sigh. let me do this before eternal penance bc prologue reviews are such chores

laela hahahaha sorry
i just like how all the people i like are dropping like flies lately. idk.
pstika i'm not too upset about? but like i'm not satisfied with his death, either. kinda on the edge ya know?
but aaaay xander you lookin bae atm.

and whenever you use the word "splice" i just shiver im sorry.
its like
think about splitting an eyeball open with a little tiny fork tine.

krynne is still amaze.
she lost sully?
oh no.
oh . no .
thats not good.
i can't see her being a loner.
but idk? looks can be deceiving?
good luck krynny *hearts*

sullivan... rip i guess? i didn't like you that much . too dramatic. sigh. another unfavorite, GONE WITH THE WIND

pomme oh gosh i don't predict good things for chandler... pomme, i do... but chandy kennewick oh.

leah just... evil. e. v. i. l.
1/25/2015 c19 1tear that cherry out
did u erect any more alliances hm
1/25/2015 c19 11BamItsTyler

Final 8, Final 8!

aofp; [aqjwfmo;acml

Laela: Sucks that Sticka had to die first. But at least he inflicted serious damage before Xander came along. Um, Laela was typical . . . from her archetype to just about everything. No tears from me here. Sticka was in the end, a pretty cool guy. As you've said, we find out that he indeed is an articulate guy, his blog makes him seem, I don't know? Lazy? He seemed like a Victor to me.

Xander: Xander swoopin in for the kill. I like the fact that he exposed the fact that Careers are linnear in their paths and that tends to make them fall half of the time. I also love the fact that he's unorthodox and "rebellious" in his own right so that in the event of winning, he won't be just "another Career victor".


OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH OKAY... that was smart of you, LOL. This explains a lot. Why Pomme is so Ruthless and Naomi is bloodthirsty.

So, Is Xander wearing all three? and if so, daaaaaaaaaaaaamn, I can't wait to see him spiral further down the rabbit hole.

Kyrnne: It sucks about Sully, but at least this opens up another round of development and feuding between Kyrnne and Nao. Even in death, the interaction between her and sully is sentimental. I see Kyrnne getting some nasty payback...

Pomme: Is it me, or do Chandler and Pomme seem articulate in their speech? They use such big words, none that you'd catch my little brother and sister saying. Riiiight, as the two youngest tributes in the final 8, I expect both of them to take 8th and 7th place respectively, but I know judging by both of them, that they may either (or one of them) surpass this prediction. I'm banking on my Pommeeee, she's come a long way from Insta-Loathe on chapter Two, to this! So I can't wait to see what you have in stored.

In terms of Leah, theres nothing much to say. She just confirms the fact that the pendants have a deeper meaning...

So! I wonder I wonder, about what you have in stored for our final 8. I'll submit to EP now... :D
1/25/2015 c19 3jacob1106
so top 8 damn. damn, alright.

I'm not surprised about Xander, Adrian, Krynne, Naomi, or Keighly they've always been favorites and strong/ Chandler, Leon, and Pomme are surprises, I think the Pomme and Chandler thing is a little strange and I don't really like Pomme's confidence at the end of the day she's a 12 year old girl who got lucky sponsors and Chandler is her lackey.
I really can't wait for Keighly and Leon to come to a head or fights another group, Leon hasn't killed anyone which kind of surprises me (kinda not too much) so it makes me think they have something big coming up.

the gamemaker thing explains why everyone has been so prone to their worst qualities, Pomme being psycho, Sienna killing her ally, Naomi buring everyone alive, Pstika not caring about the fight, Leon getting tired of Keighly, Keighly being so impulsive. makes a lot of sense. I want to know more about how it's affecting Adrian, he's mostly done nothing the game which surprises me.
1/18/2015 c18 6LokiThisIsMadness
Pomme the killer strickes again ;0

But seriously, what is up with that girl? I have never seen such a tribute like her, neither from District Eleven or a twelve year old but she's like soooo different.

Okay, anyways, bye Sienna. She was pretty done after killing Kyung, I suppose? Anyways, I never really like her? I can't say she was interesting but yeah, kudos for that name.
Naomi, ah, you go girl! ;0 I have my money on you now! Jokes, my money's still on Lae and Adry. :0
Okay, Sullivan is still rude as fuck. I hate him, to be honest. And no idiot, Krynne is not an ugly name.

Ughhh, go and die now, Sullivan?
Oh, Lae found Mr. Sticker. I can't wait to see how that goes. Be safe bby Ily :3333

See ya son, ayeee, Boeyy? This was a great chapter, as always. Updateeeeee.
1/14/2015 c17 10nevergone4ever
Im so submitting btw like imagine dakota goyo flying through the air and you'll know how bad I wanna submit
1/14/2015 c18 nevergone4ever
this be quick gahahahaha

Oh no sienna bye bby dealing I didn't think too much of you around the end bc you were going down the same oath that the stereotypical insane tribute goes down but like at the start you were kewl soooo.

Pomme wow you're so manipulative?

Ooh a Pstika x Laela fight ;/ GEE I WONDER HOW THIS WILL PLAY OUT

being honest ;3

but seriously die Laela you've gotten old, I rather like Pstika but I don't have my money on him? Yeah ok.

Krynny. Just wow.

Naomi ugh you can't feel regret after what you've done like no. It don't work like that. Homie don't go there.

bye stormy

windy out
1/14/2015 c18 Tyler is love
...REALLY!? ugh.. oh my god.

Where was I?

*Clicks reviews* *Scans*

Okay! So, with Pomme's kill, it makes me realize that little tributes in your eyes aren't Bloodbath fodder unless done right, so I believe.

Leon: The constant bickering between the two is weighing in, the ending paragraph also is a testament to this. The only reason they're together in my opinion is District courtesy, and their own gain. So, it makes me wonder when the next time action strikes these two, will it tear em apart for good? or Naw. Their arguing and friction is starting to get to the point in which one of them will end up screwing over the other.

Naomi: And the metamorphosis continues to resonate within Naomi. Hey! You are a "Mere child", child! Unlike Pomme, perse, she regrets her decisions of screwing over her alliance. I find her "winning for her former allies" a contradiction but hohey! So, in the end, the transition is complete, will she finish what she's started? I personally think she has a 90% chance of doing so, nah, 70? . . . 75. I don't know! She has a chance okay!?


Sully: OKAY! SO WHEN IS TRAGEDY going to strike this group!? They've been in a separate world so far, unlike the other kids . . . They, since the beginning, have had a really strong dynamic that I find relateable. Almost like a coming of age sorta thing like I mentioned pre games. I commend and love their defiance of being idle participants in the Games . . . but it'll only see them too far, and I wonder when It'll catch up to them.

Stika: I wonder where Xander is, lol, I haven't heard from that guy in a hot minute. Pstika seems really realistic here, articulate even. He, being from a career district, would know how the Victors interact and how damaged they may appear. I like the fact that he isn't ruthless and more so of a realist, just hustling through these games so he can continue on to become a beacon for his District. So he can live life for the fallen, a life they were basically, robbed of. I like him more and more for this, but not tooo too much.

Oh gee, Laela . . . Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, hmph, my money is on neither. Leaning towards Laela but then again Stika seems to have something going on for him.

Anyway, sorry for the late ish review.
1/14/2015 c18 11BamItsTyler

I'm sorreh, I had a writing assignment I needed to finalize (Hah, we have Writers Craft as a subject here!)

Errrrm... Let's get this show on the road!

Leah: The Acting HGM . . . this is the infamous "L" we've been hearing so much about. Poor Adley, being possibly killed and or tortured somewhere. Although it was mainly Pomme's fault, I relate to her feeling of sorrow for her old boss. Quinn you Ice-Queen, you're heart is like an ice box! The President is really finnicky when it comes to Gamemakers and their tricks, which means she likes a very Generic Game, which kinda sucks to an extent. Ugh, good luck to your Ms. Leah.

Chandler: I see they got away from Naomi, for now. Oh oh, Sienna . . . Unfortunately things aren't going so well for her. Chandler's starting to see Pomme for what she really is, although she is just playing the Game. It makes me wonder, out of these two, who will make it farther . . . hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I'm going to continue to think positive in terms of that question! The way that she beamed happily when Pomme came to her and in turn got a smack to the face made me feel for her . . . then she got killed off!? Although I was expecting she wouldn't last long from the mutts, I really felt for her character. I felt really invested in her personality and I'm sorry to see her go. I wonder what next for our little duo. With Pomme's kill makes me realize that
1/12/2015 c18 3jacob1106
I have to say this chapter was the best for character development and such like that, especially with D10
also Pomme is racking the kills up!
1/11/2015 c18 5Vulkodlak
It's weird how easy the mutts are decapitated. I suppose that's the point, huh? They die easy but there's too many of them. Overwhelm you with numbers, not with strength or speed or skill. I think that's probably my favorite aspect of this arena, the fragility of the mutts. That and the pervasive sense of doom. Like there's nothing to be done, no escape from the horror. You've arrived too late to prevent a tragedy and the aftermath will consume you. It's a guilt trip just reading about it, much less experiencing it firsthand.

I really like Pstika's section here. It's been throwing me for a loop how different he is from the Pstika in my head, but I'm thinking it worked out for the better. That's one of the best parts of SYOCs and whatnot. Seeing what people make of your characters.
1/11/2015 c17 23symphorophilia
Kitty and I can't believe Sienna did this. ;.; Can she at least still have necrophilic sex with him?

xDDD Anyway, good luck with the new year!
1/10/2015 c17 3jacob1106
haha and then everyone died xD
1/5/2015 c17 11BamItsTyler
-_-, I'm doing this review on my spare period in skool. I was waiting for this to update all day yesterday, you don't understand!

Much sad ...umm, such burnt , very sad!


Chandler: So he survived, eh? I was expecting this. You're really good at setting the tone and overall, "feel" of the scene. His POV at the beginning all the way though was very saddening and desolate. Poor Memrie and Porter :(, Naomi wtf man!? I took it in she's only 15 years old, lol. I thought she was at least 17. Then Briar . . . poor Briar, :(, this Rue like scene tugged at my heartstrings! :(. At least she went out peacefully.

:o A voice!

Pomme: I thought a fight would ensure here, but no, she ends up "comforting" him in an attempt to win over his feelings and trust. Pomme seems more human here, well, because she has to be inorder to further advance her . . . lack of a better word "placing" in the Games, not so much a numeral placing, but her strategy? I think you get what I'm saying,

So she can live longer! there.

So yeah, she seems to be less (but still is) trifling and more human towards chandler. Uh oh, Naomi's back... and she seems crazed now. As I said above with keeping up with her strategy, she pushes Chandler to run with her back to her camp. Naomi with her shouting outloud is a good hint at how she's slowly transitioning (Heck, she already has) to a more antagonistic, "shell" of her former self...If I'm making any sense here. I wonder how this game of cat and mouse will play out for these three. I wonder I wonder. I'm liking this story arch over the others right now.

Kyrnne: Ehhhh, I'd call this segment a developing piece for Kyrnne and Sully. Debating over wither or not to seek out better equipment (Take a risk) or just play it cool . . . they're going to have to make a move somehow, or else..

Keighly: Oh? so the pendants are like a radar of sorts? Hmmmm, I wonder if they're being coaxed into moving to a specific spot, in which other tributes will go as well. Good touch with the pendants there. Stop ARGUING! ugh, sooner or later it's going to tear these two apart. Although they do have a unsaid understanding for each other, eventually the arguements are going to get worse...So! Sienna is crazy, that I knew! I wonder what she'll do next. I don't know what the ending of Kei's segment means for her and Leon. She better patch up that pitchfork wound, she could get Tetanus!

...In fact, I'm surprised half of these tributes don't have tetanus yet!

Adrian: Why hasn't this boy killed her yet!? I for one wouldn't take abuse like that. Are these mutts the same as those during the fire trap incident? Regardless, Laela finally snapped and Adrian is finally alone . . . his story arch can go anywhere to be honest. I don't really care much for where, though it would be pretty interesting. I wonder where Laela will end up now...

Sienna: Uh oh, she's off the deep end for good now. Whats with this whacko and colours!? Personally, I find her personality interesting, extremely peculiar, but interesting. These human mutts are very odd as well, no faces, etc. LOL yeah, she's a psycho, charging to the mutt crowd for the sake of more vibrant colours, with so being blood. She brings minor comic relief in my eyes.

All in all, great chpater! I can't wait for "Part two" since you said that day two isnt finished. hmmm, I personally want to hear from Naomi, Pstika and Xander, I'm curious to their situation.
1/4/2015 c16 6LokiThisIsMadness
Here I am, late as hell, but let's do it ;3

Sienna: Frankly, she's boring and so was this POV. I'm a bit interested in hearing more from Kyung though, I wanna see how he is reacting to the Games. He needs to have a lot of patience to be around Sienna, seriously. Seeing you are going throught the Games so quickly, I see them dying soon, to be honest.

Xander: Here is our current jerk from District Two! ;0 Js, love you Xander, you is bae. I'm happy that he finally took down Rian, ayee! It was an hell of a fight. Now, who in hell is L? That is what I wonder. If it was Cynthia, then why not sign as C? Nope I don't believe it was Cynthia, to be honest. I think it's someone way more powerful.

Mr. Sticker: He still annoys me to this day, amen. I hope to see him die soon, Mr. Sticker is becoming way more annoying within each passng chapter. Yess, Adrian, follow your Queen like the good puppy you are, thank you ;3 Lae, bae, I love you, keep going. :D I'm glad Mr. Sticker is now a loner and left the Career alliance.

Pomme: Lucky bastard ;0 I always knew she didn't care about her allies, so this didn't suprise me. RIP SIA. ;-; Anyways, here is the L mystery again? Who the hell is she/he? I hope we find out soon enough, because that is one hell of a mystery.

Leon: Some devolopment for Keighly in here but Leon was pretty boring in here. I suppose that he is cool, but I fear that he might die soon. Maybe Keighly will even kill him? Who knows with Bo, the king of mystery ;0

Chandler: Sadly, big aliances never last that much, including the Careers. I do like their dynamic but ehh, seeing two of them die pretty soon. The mysterious ones!

Porter: Did he die? Well, that was intense. Still, it was a good POV, yes sir.

Naomi: Here is L again. -.- I always wonder who died.

Briar and Chandler. Why? I have no idea. 'Just have a feeling.

See you today!
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