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for I'm Oliver Queen, No I'm Oliver Queen

11/24/2015 c1 Allen Kee
Awesome work!
The CW should totally consider a crossover between the smallvilleverse and arrowverse. After all, they did air smallville from seasons 6 till 10.
With flash season 2 talking about the multiverse and legends of tomorrow planning to deal with time travel and who knows what else, it will be cool for the heroes of the arrow verse to have a run in with their counterparts in the smallville verse.
Just imagine the possibilities...
9/21/2014 c1 babyshan211
5/16/2014 c1 shepweir always
This was a lot of fun and also a great crossover, great job on the characters, I like that Oliver & Chole's surprise arrival helped move Olicity along
5/15/2014 c1 32Dark-Supernatural-Angel
While it was easy to get confused, I did find the situation amusing and sweet.

The connection between the two women (that Felicity discovered) was unexpected yet an awesome 'twist'.

Nicely done!
5/15/2014 c1 6NorthernLights25
This was perfect! Thank you for writing it!
5/15/2014 c1 12Kimmers
Love the smallville arrow crossover it rocks
5/15/2014 c1 xSoulfulx
I really loved this. I am a big fan of chloe and oliver on smallville so this was great :D
5/15/2014 c1 sakura-blossom62
I loved this because I have always wondered what it would be like if someone from the Arrow verse met someone from the Smallville verse and this was just perfect. Loved it!

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