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5/16 c30 suhana
I hope you can update the storyy. I love reading it
12/19/2020 c30 1Asma20
Is this the ending? James, seeing harry will remind her of what they will never have, so stop shoving it in their faces.
12/9/2020 c30 2Stephanie O
Oh my, poor Anwen! And poor Sirius wondering about the woulda/shoulda/coulda's...save his mum, or save the only baby Anwen would have? I can only imagine the stress of it all!
12/9/2020 c29 Stephanie O
I'm glad they figured out that Mona was likely the time traveler for the dark side. It was cool seeing both Anwen and Winnie(?) working together to take down Voldie's shields!
12/9/2020 c27 Stephanie O
Wow, what an ending! I really liked Lord Black's parting shot for Voldie!
11/16/2020 c30 Allytb420
Grateful you're updating again :)
12/22/2019 c27 Allytb420
OH but this is so good! Why did it have to end?
3/25/2019 c27 Guest
I realize it’s been just over a year now since this story has been updated but I absolutely love it and sincerely hope it is continued.
12/10/2018 c27 mysuvone
wow peter being a major dick figures
12/8/2018 c1 mysuvone
ty i have fully enjoyed your stories
5/5/2018 c27 Tix
Wow, loved the Continuum/Ranimer/GUMD series, and enjoyed the Bound etc series - you are a very talented writer and I really want to thank you for pouring your heart and soul into these creations which I’ve just finished binge reading. Time Wars is very ambitious - I wonder if the lack of reviews is because the complexity does make it quite hard to follow. You’ve obviously got a lot on your plate but when you’re able to I hope you can push on through to finish this - am very keen to see how you tie it all up. The series is an amazing body of work- thanks again for all the effort you’ve put into creating your stories.
4/29/2018 c27 SARyder.HP
Patiently waiting on another chapter ️
3/20/2018 c27 bscfan38182
Uh oh. This has been great. Im glad you got back to it. Bound was one of the first fanfics I ever read.
3/20/2018 c27 3mdauben
Definitely some excitement in this chapter. Thing really are getting a bit chaotic with all these timelines and all the people from these timelines crisscrossing! When did this Peter and Voldemort come from? Hopefully with all the people here they'll be able to at least fight off Voldemort? Can't wait to read more.
3/7/2018 c26 bladerunnerff
After enjoying most of the previous chain of stories in this series i find myself struggling to enjoy this one. Its supposed to be a time war from the title yet there seems to be more and more apparently irrelevant gush about children and less and less war and plot progression as the chapters proceed. I hope the focus of the story moves closer to the title soon.
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