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10/13/2019 c27 maxe03
Seriously how did the twins inherit kurama chakara. Honestly surprised Connor didn't have a reaction to finding out he has authors dna. Also should they even be called clones when they aren't made from one person and have two genetic parents.
So they're not even going to ask why you uncle works here.
Honestly given their justification for marvel Naruto shouldn't have been brought up
That lie of omission line shouldn't have flew given they all secrets.
Who burned match and how considering even darkseid omega beams didn't leave lasting marks on superman
10/3/2019 c25 chimera629
So does this mean donna has enough power to be a threat to kurama?
Is this the complete Karam?

A little surprised none of the women have a problem with what's going on but then again he can clone himself
10/3/2019 c24 chimera629
Surprised he got a nose bleed and that mgann wasn't taken
10/1/2019 c22 chimera629
Hm so much control does he have I we his fox transaction now,and with how many tails?
So did the members of the league seek counculinf after the invasion
9/30/2019 c21 chimera629
How old is Naruto that he's so mature and where does he get his money from
9/30/2019 c20 chimera629
I get she has some if his chakra but how is she transfotming with just that and where is blackfire
9/30/2019 c19 chimera629
Hm thought he had the eye of did paths
9/30/2019 c14 chimera629
Is Naruto holding back not to hurt them or is he just not as strong fast and durable me as he was in cannon during the Ninja war
9/30/2019 c10 chimera629
Ronnel shouldn't have been pardoned
9/28/2019 c5 maxe03
Surprised how easily Naruto was took out and thought he knew non frog style taijutsu
9/28/2019 c4 maxe03
don't know why he used clone when Donna isn't a clone since she's not a copy.
Honestly super he training her in safe mode already given she didn't even know the basics until recently and I though you needed a ninja animal to enter safe mode.
Was Naruto able to reach jade and Artemis an jutsu or how to use chakra/chi
9/28/2019 c3 maxe03
How much does the cloak increase Naruto power and wasn t it a little overkill cause e if I remember right the roads had him lifting huge statue for training
9/28/2019 c1 maxe03
Is this after a ninja in the league?
Naruto should stack up well against the powerhouse in this u given the speed durability and power he showed in the war.
Naruto being held up because of physical age is ridiculous.
Hmm wonder how powerful wonder girl is considering most of wonder woman enhancement s come from blessings and if she has access to chakra she has no training in how to use it. And doesn't have a tailed beast
For that fact wouldn't having Naruto DNA make Her mostly human and weaker than normal demi gods
7/8/2019 c7 Phantom Frost
This is where naruto threatens SB with ripping him apart if he tries anything with his daughter or hurts her
7/4/2019 c1 Guest
Are you an idiot, wonder girl having naruto’s DNA that grants her sage mode? Sage mode is not in naruto’s DNA it’s blending natural energy with chakra, creating senjutsu chakra. I don’t know where you got the idea where it was part of his sage mode is part of his DNA but it isn’t. I was hoping to enjoy this but now with something this idiotic and dumb I don’t feel like reading this anymore
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